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CFL America Radio is where North American football is celebrated through game replays, old radio shows, and documentaries in the public domain on the history, remembrances, culture, lore, and legends of pro football in Canada, America and around the world. Additionally, every few weeks journalist Scott Adamson and armchair historian Greg James, from their 55 yard line cheap seats, sit down with authors and historians who, through their works, have given all of us a close-up look and perspective at the gridiron game we have grown up with and enjoy no matter where on the map we may call home.

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The 1965 NFL Draft

The 1965 Draft was the most fiercely fought event between the rival National and American Football Leagues. It was a fierce battle for such  future Hall of Fame greats Joe Namath, Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers...


 2021-08-25  45m

The 1964 NFL Draft

In a draft that included 11 Hall of Famers – more than any other draft in  NFL history – the Dallas Cowboys revolutionize the scarcely covered  player selection meeting and plant the seeds for a national phenomenon  with the selections of Roger Staubach, Bob Hayes and Mel Renfro...


 2021-08-24  45m

From the 55 Yard Line- Bryant Turner, Jr., True Blue Bomber

Scott and Greg are joined by former CFL All-Star Bryant Turner, Jr., who talks about his love for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, his best memories from his playing days and how important fan/player relationships are in professional football.  From 2011 through 2015 Bryant spent five seasons in blue and gold, followed by two seasons in with the British Columbia Lions...


 2021-08-24  52m

Larger Than Life- The Red Grange Story

How do you turn two tons of copper into a statue? Illinois alumnus George Lundeen has been doing this for more than 30 years. Lundeen creates  realistic portrayals of athletes, presidents and animals in his Colorado  studio. Now, Lundeen has been given the honor of creating a 12-foot  replica of one of the University's most famous alumni, Harold "Red" Grange...


 2021-08-23  45m

The 1985 Chicago Bears

In 1985 the Chicago Bears dominated the game and embodied everything that encapsulated that memorable decade: flash, chaos and a get-out-of-my-way attitude. Their Super Bowl winning season had it all - the birth of Buddy Ryan's 46 Defense, the loss to the Dolphins that ruined their perfect season, the "Super Bowl Shuffle" and a colorful group of misfits who became the toast of football.


 2021-08-22  1h43m

An Unauthorized History of the NFL

Hosted by Jessica Savitch, "An Unauthorized History of the NFL" was the first episode of the long running Frontline. It took a look at the secret connections of the NFL and the world of sports gambling and organized crime.


 2021-08-21  1h1m

League of Denial

The National Football League, a multibillion-dollar commercial juggernaut, presides over America’s indisputable national pastime. But the NFL is under assault: thousands of former players have claimed the league tried to cover up how football inflicted long-term brain injuries on many players. What did the NFL know, and when did it know it?


 2021-08-20  1h55m

The Replacements

Two weeks into the 1987 season, the NFL's players went on strike. As the strike fanned fires across the country, no one felt the heat more than the 1,500 replacement players, who were caught in the crosshairs of media fueled controversy between owners, players and fans alike.


 2021-08-19  1h21m

The Autumn Wind Against the World

An intimate look inside one of the great rivalries in the history of the National Football League - Raiders legend Al Davis and former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle. Their battle grew so intense that players, owners, franchises - even the League itself - became characters in a three-decade long Shakespearean feud that changed football forever...


 2021-08-18  1h20m

The American Game- The Heisman

The Heisman Trophy, named for famed college football coach, John Heisman, was first awarded in 1935. The coveted award, revered in the world of sports, is given to the most "outstanding player in college football" annually.


 2021-08-17  49m