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 2011-03-01  43m

episode 12: Eric Kuhn / Founders Card (Founders Talk #12)

Adam talks with Eric Kuhn, Founder of Founders Card about the ups and downs of building an online business during the era of the “dot com” bubble, managing hyper growth, getting listed and de-listed on the NASDAQ and building an exclusive benefits program, coined as “The Amex Black Card for the Entrepreneur”, exclusively aimed at Entrepreneurs and Founders. If you want an invite, get in touch with Adam.


 2011-02-24  40m

episode 49: Git, Showoff, XBox Kinect (The Changelog #49)

with Scott Chacon


 2011-02-22  53m

episode 48: Jenkins and Continous Integration (The Changelog #48)

with Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Andrew Bayer


 2011-02-08  39m

 2011-02-01  32m

episode 11: Rick Perreault / Unbounce (Founders Talk #11)

Adam talks with Rick Perreault, Co-Founder & CEO of Unbounce about entrepreneurship and solving your own pain, sticking to an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) launch strategy, becoming an authority by blogging/marketing before you launch, listening to customers and knowing when to take funding.


 2011-01-28  51m

 2011-01-25  31m

episode 10: Ryan Holmes / HootSuite (Founders Talk #10)

Adam talks with Ryan Holmes, Founder of Hootsuite entrepreneurship, establishing and leveraging their relationship with Twitter, from “free” to “freemium” with a plan, and growing to well over 1 Million users in 2 years.


 2011-01-22  38m

episode 45: Redis In-Memory Data Store (The Changelog #45)

with Salvatore Sanfilippo


 2011-01-17  39m

episode 9: Maciej Ceglowski / Pinboard (Founders Talk #9)

Adam talks with Maciej Ceglowski, Founder of Pinboard about turning this side project into the next Delicious, handling a massive in-flux of Delicious users when they announced its “sunset”, keeping the technology and architecture simple and more.


 2011-01-10  37m