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episode 8: Alex Hillman / Indy Hall (Founders Talk #8)

Adam talks with Alex Hillman, Co-Founder of Indy Hall and co-conspirator/creator of many things, about all things Coworking, people helping people, how to hustle, get unstuck and more. Alex also mentions something “super secret” that’s sure to please. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


 2010-12-24  55m

episode 7: Henk Rogers / The Tetris Company (Founders Talk #7)

Adam talks with Henk Rogers, Founder of The Tetris Company, Blue Planet Software and Blue Planet Foundation about the beginnings of and the evolution of Tetris, over-coming brick walls, social and mobile gaming, never giving up, changing the world, getting the planet off carbon-based fuels, ending war, creating a backup of Earth and the power of love!


 2010-12-21  49m

episode 6: Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs / Slash7 (Founders Talk #6)

Adam talks with Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs, Founders of Slash7 about product development, profiting from Open Source, the key to happiness, living a Unicorn-Free lifestyle and how Amy and Thomas met and ultimately fell in love.


 2010-12-17  48m

episode 42: Rails 3.1 and SproutCore (The Changelog #42)

with Yehuda Katz


 2010-12-09  56m

episode 5: Allan Branch and Steven Bristol / Less Everything (Founders Talk #5)

Adam talks with Allan Branch and Steven Bristol, Founders of Less Everything about how things got started, why they hate QuickBooks, what it takes to create a successful partnership and more.


 2010-12-07  52m

episode 4: Ryan Carson / Carsonified (Founders Talk #4)

Adam talks with Ryan Carson, Founder of Carsonified about the “lessons learned” in creating their latest product, Think Vitamin Membership - the biggest being the need to rename the product and go through a re-branding process. In Q2 of 2011 Think Vitamin Membership will transition to the name “Level Up”, a better suited name and far more “tweetable”.


 2010-12-01  31m

episode 41: Building Telephony Apps (The Changelog #41)

with Chris Matthieu


 2010-11-30  45m

episode 40: Riak Revisited (The Changelog #40)

with Andy Gross, Mark Phillips, and John Nunemaker


 2010-11-09  37m

episode 39: Scripty2, Zepto.js, Vapor.js (The Changelog #39)

with Thomas Fuchs


 2010-10-26  50m

episode 3: Lance Jones and Joanna Wiebe / Page 99 Test (Founders Talk #3)

Adam talks with Lance Jones and Joanna Wiebe, Founders of People in bookstores often read page 99 of a book to get a taste for the writing - to determine if they’d buy the book. Lance, Joanna and technical Co-Founder, Steven Luke took that time tested idea and have built a brand new platform for book enthusiasts, authors, agents and publishers to get excited about.


 2010-10-22  39m