Chaos N' Cookies

Following the crumbs in the chaos is a full time job. As a busy mom of three, a wife to a traveling hubby, and keeping it weird in Austin, Texas, it’s safe to say that my life is never boring. In addition to running my coaching business as C’N’C’s CEO, I’m a certified coach for a premier virtual fitness and nutrition program helping others feel better while sustaining a healthy lifestyle. My mom and dad are thrilled that I’m putting my Exercise Science degree to good use. Along with my experience training pro athletes, S.W.A.T. members, and a high school football team, I gained 10+ years experience as the Director of Marketing building multiple court reporting companies. Lastly, I am a published writer, Content Coordinator, and Account Executive for a publication by Best Version Media. They even gave me a monthly “How to” column where I teach others how to be more self-sufficient with common household tasks. Every woman should know how their home functions and what to do if something malfunctions, man or no man. With my husband on the road, searching “How To” on the internet has transformed me into a “Mommy MacGyver”. “I don’t know how you have the time...

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episode 41: Chaos in the Pantry

Heather is giving all the best shopping and organizational tips and tricks for having a pantry that is both functional and efficient. Whether your pantry is large or small, this episode will help you manage the chaos. You will never have to walk into a grocery store again and not know what needs to be replenished in your pantry.



episode 40: Mom’s Summer Chaos and Cash

Want to keep kids busy during the summer months without spending a ton of money? Heather is talking about ways to keep kids entertained and busy with a minimal impact on your wallet. Whether you are at home or traveling, these tips will help keep your kids occupied, happy, and having fun throughout the summer.



episode 39: Amp Up My Biz with Bridget Brady

Four primary elements of social media marketing and how they come together in building your business. Dive in with the Founder of Amp up My Biz, Bridget Brady, about all things social and how to grow it the right way. She gives us secrets, tips, and trinkets that you will not want to miss. Grab a notepad and get ready to add some tools to the toolbox. Want more Social Media Secrets? Register at for Bridget’s Masterclass happening this week!



episode 38: Pocket Playbook

Today Heather is diving headfirst into the "Family Playbook", a 188-page guide to everything that happens in your household and life. Why is the Family Playbook important? It is there to prepare you, your partner, your kids, your family, and anyone providing any type of help for any situation...



episode 37: Crumble Free Zone

Fearful events like the Covid 19 pandemic, wildfires, storms, earthquakes have Moms thinking about emergency responses and preparedness. Is your household ready if disaster strikes? Moms, this episode is for you. We are going to talk about how to get the household running smoothly, man or no man, and how you could stay calm, have some peace of mind, and not crumble in chaos and craziness.



episode 36: Removing Fear from your Life

On this week’s episode of Chaos-n-Cookies, Heather discusses the “Own Your Future” Master Class, hosted by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. Heather touches on topics like three pillars you need for you business to be successful, overcoming obstacles, and being selective with the people you surround yourself with while building a successful life. She also discusses her take-a-ways from the master class and what she will be implementing in her own career to make it thrive...


 2021-05-18  24m

episode 35: Shifting Perspective with Andrea Freeman

On this week’s episode of Chaos-n-Cookies, Heather is joined by mindful business coach, Andrea Freeman. Andrea goes in-depth about how to change your mindset for creating a business to manifest great things in your business. Heather and Andrea discuss what balancing family life and business looks like for themselves. Andrea also talks about her “Host of your Life” method, that helps individuals decide if they are going to be a guest or a host in their personal life and business life.


 2021-05-11  27m

episode 34: Mom Jokes

In today’s episode, Heather chats with Lisa Beth and Phoebe about their book “Mom Jokes: Like Dad Jokes, but Smarter”. The pair discusses how they came up with all the great jokes for the book, and their time writing the book in Phoebe’s mother’s basement during the beginning of quarantine. The pair wrote the book in hopes it would bring light and laughter to people, especially moms, raising children amid a pandemic...


 2021-05-04  39m

episode 33: System to Start

Heather discusses her new coaching guide to help businesses jump start their content and get systems in place to make life easier. Within the new guide, there are four steps to really make daily business life successful. Heather talks about Linktree, marketing material, email platforms, and landing pages as well as creating workflows to keep people engaged in the content. She also discusses creating graphics using Canva to put into the workflows to make things more on-brand for your business...


 2021-04-27  20m

episode 32: Moms are Superheroes with Damian Nordmann

Heather and Damian discuss the many ways to multitask daily tasks to make life a little more streamlined. They talk about the Chaos Control System that provides working moms with the ability to focus on the right now and have everything lined out for day-to-day life. Heather also talks to Damian about the importance of asking for help as a mom. This leads the pair into the discussion of the power of delegating and leading.


 2021-04-20  50m