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Episode 1 - Relaunch

Episode 1 - Relaunch


 2019-09-08  38m

Ep 122 "Decrypting Mediumship"

Ari and Dominic dive into the world of mediums as Ari gives the lowdown on her lastest adventures.


 2018-06-26  42m

Ep 121 "Fandumb"

Ari and Dominic dive into the world of fandom. They talk about the Friday the 13th game which has revealed some bad eggs in the fandom world and a few other subjects about films and tv.


 2018-06-19  55m

Ep 120 "SEFF 2018"

Ari and Dominic return from the 3rd annual Sioux Empire Film Festival and give thier recap of the films and weekends events. Since it's been awhile since they've podasted, they forgot hwo to record the audio correctly. It's passable, but not up thier us


 2018-05-29  1h1m

Ep 119 "Fact or Crap Vol 3"

Ari and Dominic dive into their latest round of Fact or Crap. Could this be the final chapter?


 2018-04-30  38m

Episode 118 "In Da Club"

Ari and Dominic catch up on the recent tv series and movie viewings. They talk about V, The Ghost Whisperer, Justice League, Jumanji 2, Idiocracy and more. Check it out.


 2018-04-24  1h5m

Ep 117 "Nightmare in Branson"

Ari chats about her recent trip to Branson, MO. Dominic talks about his Nightmare on Elm Street marathon. They reveal the progress of their latest short film "Mr Pointy" and talk about some other random topics. Join them for episode 117.


 2018-04-13  1h9m

Ep 116 "Replenish the Well"

Ari and Dominic talk about Dominic's recent epic movie watching binge.


 2018-03-15  55m

Ep 115 "Fact of Crap Vol 2"

Ari and Dominic play a round of fact or crap. Spoilers, neither does very well.


 2018-03-06  33m

Ep 114 "Smashing Pumpkins Are Coming"

Ari and Dominic catch up on thier recent tv watchings, including V - The Final Battle. Dominic remembers Fangoria, and Ari's favorite band is making a local stop.


 2018-02-27  49m