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episode 1: 4/23/2024 The Chet Buchanan Show OnDemand!

The Fill In The Blank Game has taken over the show! 


 April 24, 2024  17m

episode 1: 4/22/24 The Chet Buchanan Show OnDemand!

The show discusses how Summerlin Costco might be the most dangerous place in the city + the Aaron Rodgers scam! 


 April 24, 2024  53m

episode 1: T.I. Joins The Chet Buchanan Show

The Chet Buchanan Show is live every weekday morning from 6am-10am on 98.5 KLUC!


 April 24, 2024  11m

episode 1: 4/19/24 The Chet Buchanan Show OnDemand!

One callers location changed the trajectory of thee entire show + thee one and only T.I. joins us to talk about his stand up show here in Las Vegas!


 April 24, 2024  57m

episode 1: 4/18/24 The Chet Buchanan Show OnDemand!

Everybody needs to get out there Astrology Charts because it's about to get Tarot in here!


 April 19, 2024  1h1m

episode 1: 4/17/24 The Chet Buchanan Show OnDemand!

Astrology Charts, Senior Day Pranks, Cats, & so much more. I promise you don't want to miss any of it! 


 April 18, 2024  1h1m

episode 1: 4/12/24 The Chet Buchanan Show OnDemand!

We continue to welcome our newest co-host Mikalah Gordon + our Producer Adrian has beef with his Mother-In-Law over the use of the 'F Word' and things get very serious. 


 April 18, 2024  52m

episode 1: 04/16/24 The Chet Buchanan Show OnDemand!

We try to figure out if this employee was airport scammin', we try to pick up the pieces after the heart breaking golden bachelor fallout + the ultimate dating tips from the FBI!


 April 17, 2024  45m

episode 1: 4/15/24 The Chet Buchanan Show OnDemand!

Starting the week off with the most important questions like: Do you take your phone into the bathroom when you need to use it + Mikalah is back from a crazy road trip and we break it all down! 


 April 16, 2024  1h0m

episode 1: 4/11/24 The Chet Buchanan Show OnDemand!

This entire week we welcome Mikalah Gordon as the new co-host of The Chet Buchanan Show only on 98.5 KLUC & the free Audacy App! 


 April 16, 2024  53m