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We are Chicks with Crits, a group of ladies traversing the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons. Join in on the hilarity and shenanigans in our journeys.Barakas 'Nowhere' ~ AlesiaChio of the Blue. ~ MeganIronmesh. ~ KaitlynRed ~ AkylaDungeon Master. ~ Cheyenne We are a 5th edition (5E) D&D actual play podcast channel. Episodes released every 2 weeks on Fridays on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Youtube. 18+ Mature Content, Swearing, Violence, D&D, TieflingInstagram. ~ @chickswithcritsTwitter. ~. @chickswithcritsKeep on a cluckin'

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episode 4: S3,Ep3:Race to Benji's Castle!

Our heroes must make their way to Benji's Castle to protect the city!



episode 3: S3,Ep2:Snow White and Rose Red Part.2

The Ogres are attacking the city and it is up to our heroes to stop them from getting there message out to their leader!



episode 2: S3,Ep2:Snow White and Rose Red Part.1

Chio must defend the city from an Ogre attack while back at the Lord's manor Ironmesh and Barakas learn the truth of the mysterious bear and his companions! 


 2020-09-18  39m

episode 1: S3,Ep1:Return to Bearberg!

Welcome everyone to season 3 of Chicks with Crits! We are back with the next chapter ofThe Sun,The Moon, and What Falls Between!


 2020-09-04  1h18m

Story Time! Little Red Riding-hood

It's time for another story time! This time with a special guest!Please enjoy this reading of Little Red Riding-hood!


 2020-07-11  9m

Story Time! The Gingerbread Boy!

Now that we are taking a break for the summer it's time for more fairy tales!


 2020-06-26  3m

Story Time Round up!

This is a Story Time Round up! Take a listen to some of the stories that have inspired the first season of Chicks with Crits!


 2020-06-13  20m

episode 11: Dragon Age: The War of Bellitanus Part 1: Chapter 11 Season Finale!

The Blight begins!It's time for our heroes to take on the Archdemon!


 2020-05-29  1h22m

 2020-05-24  0m

Pudding Disaster!

Have a Listen to this sweet one shot! Some familiar heroes and new take on this new adventure!


 2020-05-15  55m