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We are Chicks with Crits, a group of ladies traversing the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons. Join in on the hilarity and shenanigans in our journeys.Barakas 'Nowhere' ~ Alesia Chio of the Blue. ~ Megan Ironmesh. ~ Kaitlyn Red ~ Akyla Dungeon Master. ~ Cheyenne We are a 5th edition (5E) D&D actual play podcast channel. Episodes released every 2 weeks on Fridays on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Youtube. 18+ Mature Content, Swearing, Violence, D&D, TieflingInstagram. ~ @chickswithcritsTwitter. ~. @chickswithcritsKeep on a cluckin'

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episode 5: S3,Ep5: Barakas Alone!

While the others were rescuing Red what was Barakas up to?


 2021-01-08  1h10m




 2020-12-31  4m

Chicks before Crits!? A Pirate Adeventure!

This is a very special episode! This is the first thing we ever recorded! This was a test run to see if we could actually pull this whole podcast off! Please enjoy our pure chaos in this adventure!


 2020-12-25  3h27m

episode 5: S3,Ep4:The return of Red! Pt.2

We have finally arrived at Benji's castle! Let the rescue commence!!!!


 2020-12-11  1h6m

episode 4: S3,Ep4:The return of Red!

We find our heroes on the verge of rescuing Red! Red mean while has entered  The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker?!


 2020-11-27  1h8m

Mystery Chicks Pt.2

Please enjoy Kaitlyn's first time as DM. The story is incomplete but still a fun begining!


 2020-11-13  1h10m

Mystery Chicks Pt.1

We have ventured back in time to DM Kaitlyn's very first time as a DM!Pplease enjoy Mystery Chicks Pt.1

We would like to apologize for the sound quality of this episode we were trying a new set up and sadly some of the audio is blown out.


 2020-10-31  57m

episode 4: S3,Ep3:Race to Benji's Castle!

Our heroes must make their way to Benji's Castle to protect the city!


 2020-10-16  1h33m

episode 3: S3,Ep2:Snow White and Rose Red Part.2

The Ogres are attacking the city and it is up to our heroes to stop them from getting there message out to their leader!


 2020-10-02  44m

episode 2: S3,Ep2:Snow White and Rose Red Part.1

Chio must defend the city from an Ogre attack while back at the Lord's manor Ironmesh and Barakas learn the truth of the mysterious bear and his companions! 


 2020-09-18  39m