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We are Chicks with Crits, a group of ladies traversing the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons. Join in on the hilarity and shenanigans in our journeys.Barakas 'Nowhere' ~ AlesiaChio of the Blue. ~ MeganIronmesh. ~ KaitlynRed ~ AkylaDungeon Master. ~ Cheyenne We are a 5th edition (5E) D&D actual play podcast channel. Episodes released every 2 weeks on Fridays on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Youtube. 18+ Mature Content, Swearing, Violence, D&D, TieflingInstagram. ~ @chickswithcritsTwitter. ~. @chickswithcritsKeep on a cluckin'

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episode 13: EP 11 : Bearburg Pt.2

Episode 11


 2018-12-14  1h3m

episode 12: EP 10 : Bearburg Pt.1

Episode 10The sorry lot of adventurers have FINALLY reached Bearburg! Only it is not the village they remember, but a sprawling metropolis. Questions arise.


 2018-11-30  1h18m

episode 10: EP 9 : Road to Bearburg Pt.3

Welcome to Episode 9 of The Sun, The Moon, and What Falls Between ~ The Road to Bearburg Part 3! Will they ever get to Bearburg? Red in the guise of a chipmunk gets into some trouble stuck in the bosom of Ironmesh, wonder what other shenanigans our poor...


 2018-11-16  47m

Chicks with Crits Trailer ~ Barakas

This The Sun, The Moon, and What Falls Between trailer is brought to you by 'Nowhere' Barakas the Tiefling Druid.


 2018-11-16  0m

episode 9: EP 8 : Road to Bearburg Pt.2

Onward Adventurers! Follow the party members as they continue on the way 


 2018-11-02  1h22m

episode 13: Chicks with Crits ~ One Shot ~ Halloween Special!

What's up Witches!! It's time to get spoopy in this spinoff. Chicks with Crits change it up, in this episode we play as our never before played one-shot characters!! Meet Hadarai, Kind Shadow, Ice on a Lake, and Ramiel in their All Hallows Eve adventure!!


 2018-10-31  58m

episode 8: EP 7 : Road to Bearburg Pt.1

Chapter 2 begins.... Follow Nowhere 'Barakas', Chio, Ironmesh, and Red on their journey to Bearburg.


 2018-10-19  58m

 2018-10-05  1h14m

 2018-09-21  1h9m

 2018-09-07  41m