Chimpions - The Hero System RPG Podcast (Episodes)

Chimpions - Hero System 5th Edition - Superhero adventures following the exploits of three meta human companions

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episode 11: Things were going so well

Jim And Fathach find they can't have everything their own way. This episode is shocking!


 2019-10-05  53m

episode 10: Tread Carefully

Chimpions UK S1E10 - Tread carefully


 2019-08-15  45m

episode 9: You don't have to be mad to be imprisoned here, but it helps

Jim and Fathach continue to explore the bunker. Not only is it shaping up to be a treasure trove of Data about the Thulian, they also stumble across a potential allie.


 2019-07-24  44m

episode 8: Blind-leading-the-Blind

Jim and Fathach explore the WWII Bunker which seems to house a team of Thulians. The potential to gather some hard data on the race that threatens the world seems to pass them by.


 2019-07-06  1h2m

episode 7: Bunking Off

Jim and Fathach lament missing a good Carvery, take a stroll along the beach and poke around some old buildings.


 2019-06-12  56m

episode 1: Rules Quickie

Rules Quickie


 2019-06-09  11m

episode 6: Big Gun's and Thulians

Chimpions UK - S1E6 - Big Gun's & Thulians


 2019-05-21  52m

episode 5: Chimpions UK S1E5 - The Couriers tail

Chimpions UK S1E5 - The Couriers tail


 2019-05-06  48m

episode 4: Chimpions UK - Ask your MP

Chimpions UK S1E4 - Ask your MP


 2019-04-22  59m

episode 3: It'll work out.

Chimpions UK S1E3


 2019-04-08  47m