Chimpions - The TTRPG Podcast

Improvisational stories, using Actual Play Table Top Roleplay Sessions

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episode 37: Life passes by

The Posse is now on the final push for California. Will theyFind out more...37 Life Passes by


 2022-05-23  1h7m

Mountain Preparations

A guide is hired and the posse make ready for California. Cast:Mark:Find out more...36 Mountain Preparations


 2022-05-15  40m

Fort 51

The Posse finally arrives at Fort 51. Only the Sierra Nevada mountainsFind out more...35 Fort 51.


 2022-04-25  57m

The cowboy and the Stick.

The Posse camp out under the stars, as they head ever Westward.Find out more...34 The cowboy and the Stick.


 2022-04-06  1h1m

I am a Bush

The Posse starts their final push to Fort 51. Cast:Mark: Game MarshalFind out more...33 I am a Bush


 2022-02-23  52m

Blame it on the Buggy

The Posse works extra hard to derail everything. Cast:Mark: Game Marshal Matt:Find out more...32 Blame it on the Buggy


 2022-01-26  51m

episode 31: Below and beyond?

The Posse continues to deal with thier rudely derailed journey. Please takeFind out more...31 Below and beyond?


 2022-01-12  1h11m

episode 30: 30 Choo Choo 'em up

Welcome to Season 2. Just how long before the monotony of travellingFind out more...30 Choo Choo ’em up


 2021-12-08  38m

episode 29: Railroaded

Welcome to Season 2. Riding the Rails, in the Lap of Luxury,Find out more...29 Railroaded


 2021-11-19  1h18m

episode 28: How the West was Worn

Welcome to Season 2. The Posse roll into Tallulah. They have bountiesFind out more...28 How the West was Worn


 2021-11-02  59m