Chloe in the Racks

Follow along as Chloe searches through Siren Records racks, explores new and old music, and finds out where they are today.

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episode 2: S3E002 - A little something for your Thanksgiving drive

Chloe listens to a bunch of singles she picked up recently. A nice relaxing episode for your Thanksgiving commute, or after the big dinner. A special thanks to our sponsor, Siren Records, check out Black Friday Record Store Day this Friday the 29th!


 2019-11-28  46m

episode 1: S3E001 - Season 3!!

Chloe's back from her summer break with the first episode of Season 3!!


 2019-10-25  40m

episode 32: #32 - goat voice

all marc bolan/tyrannosaurus rex - pre t.rex stuff. very goat voice-y. i started my new job today! i'm a vet assistant! yay!


 2019-04-29  32m

episode 31: #31 - RSD 2/2!!!!!!!

second installment of RSD 2019 titles:
Motorhead, Iggy Pop, the Troggs, Wipers, X-Ray Spex


 2019-04-12  29m

episode 30: S2E030 - RSD 1/2!!!!!!

first installment of RSD 2019 titles: Adrenalin O.D., David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Cherie Currie, Mission of Burma


 2019-04-09  35m

episode 29: #29 - did you hear the train?

bands that i had never heard of until i saw them open for a band i liked (the Music, the Coral, the Twenty-Twos, and Throw Rag) + Scott Walker (r.i.p.)


 2019-03-28  34m

episode 28: #28 - Be Free!

some more stuff blair sent me + my meat loaf story the Now, Hollywood Stars, Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat, and Pete Shelley


 2019-03-12  28m

episode 27: #27 - what time is it?

some stuff i've purchased recently/semi-recently... Zero Boys, Sponsors, Pezband, Julie Brown, Slade, and the Saints


 2019-02-25  31m

episode 26: S2E026 - sounds fancy

if this sounds different at all i recorded it on bobby's computer in logic with his fancy microphone. hope it's all good. anyway... Bridge Climbers, Poison Girls, the Ramones, Television, Alice Cooper, and Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees more stuff that blair texted me, everything is a reissue except the bridge climbers


 2019-02-15  30m

episode 25: #25 - dark gothy style stuff

Lords of the New Church, Danse Society, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, March Violets, and 13th Chime dark gothy style stuff that blair sent me, all in stock at siren right now woo


 2019-02-07  35m