Chloe in the Racks

Follow along as Chloe searches through Siren Records racks, explores new and old music, and finds out where they are today.



episode 29: #29 - did you hear the train?

bands that i had never heard of until i saw them open for a band i liked (the Music, the Coral, the Twenty-Twos, and Throw Rag) + Scott Walker (r.i.p.)


 2019-03-28  34m

episode 30: S2E030 - RSD 1/2!!!!!!

first installment of RSD 2019 titles: Adrenalin O.D., David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Cherie Currie, Mission of Burma


 2019-04-09  35m

episode 31: #31 - RSD 2/2!!!!!!!

second installment of RSD 2019 titles:
Motorhead, Iggy Pop, the Troggs, Wipers, X-Ray Spex


 2019-04-12  29m

episode 32: #32 - goat voice

all marc bolan/tyrannosaurus rex - pre t.rex stuff. very goat voice-y. i started my new job today! i'm a vet assistant! yay!


 2019-04-29  32m