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Episode 294: Andrea Avery - Author of 'Sonata: A Memoir of Pain and the Piano'

At the age of 12, Andrea Avery, a promising young pianist, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. In her debut, Sonata, Andrea tells the story of her struggle to hold on to music in general, and to a piano sonata by Schubert in particular, even as the disease catches up with her. Andrea’s memoir meditates on the lives of great composers as she tries to make sense of what it means to lose the ability to perform music...


 2017-06-29  1h27m

Episode 295: Is This The Life We Really Want? - Roger Waters

Roger Waters, one of the founders of the legendary Pink Floyd, has always had a keen eye for isolation, oppression, and political justness. On his fifth solo LP, Is The The Life We Really Want?, he's turning that gaze on the United States and recruited a group of powerful "newcomers" (Johnathan Wilson, Jessica Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius) to bring his stark vision of our present and future to life...


 2017-07-03  1h24m

Episode 296: OK Computer - Radiohead [Discologist]

With one of the biggest rock hits of all time ("Creep") and a genre defining guitar-rock classic (The Bends) under their belts, Radiohead had little left to prove when OK Computer was released in the Summer of 1997. Despite that, what they achieved was an album full of fear, anxiety, and beauty that quite literally changed the course of rock music as we know it...


 2017-07-06  1h11m

Episode 297: Gaming The Playlist - Spotify and You

In a recent article on artist advocacy site CASH Music, journalist Liz Pelly investigated "The Secret Lives Of Playlists", and what she found out has sparked another cycle of controversy for the world's largest provider of streaming music, Spotify...


 2017-07-10  42m

Episode 298: Big Fish Theory - Vince Staples

With a string of mixtapes, EP's, and one LP behind him, hip-hop's Vince Staples has been making a mark on the new-rap landscape for years now. On his new album Big Fish Theory, he's taking the art form into the future and bringing us all along for the ride...


 2017-07-13  1h14m

Episode 299: In The Dark - Grateful Dead [Discologist]

By 1987 the Grateful Dead's long, strange trip was starting to wind itself down, but a surprise hit single ("Touch Of Grey") would catapult the band back into the spotlight, inspire an entirely new generation of fans whose size would, in the end, play a large part in the band's untimely demise...


 2017-07-17  1h9m

Episode 300: Generation Soundcloud with April + Vista

Soundcloud is one of the most ubiquitous "tools" used by artists and industry professionals alike since the collapse of the MP3 blog culture. Communities have built up within it, artists have been discovered through it, and 

Earlier this month, the music service announced that they were laying off 40% of their workforce, closing two offices, and, it was discovered, may only have enough cash to run for another 50 days...


 2017-07-20  1h46m

Episode 301: A Deeper Understanding - The War On Drugs

First Up: Taylor Swift is gamifying the ticket industry? What does this mean for YOU and is this latest "big bad" really worth worrying about or should we be setting our sights higher.

Then...when Philadephia's Adam Granduciel started The War On Drugs with fellow mellow-rocker Kurt Vile back in 2006, the music industry was rapidly approaching the era of peak indie...


 2017-09-05  1h22m

Episode 302: Faunaphor (Louis Weeks and Noah Berman)

Together or apart, long time musical collaborators Louis Weeks and Noah Berman have been creating some of the most forward thinking pop music of the past few years. When they started working on their latest project, it was familiar, yet different, and called out for something new. Out of this new collaboration, Faunaphor was born along with an exciting new phase of these old friends careers...


 2017-09-08  1h17m

Episode 303: American Dream - LCD Soundsystem

In 2011 James Murphy brought an end to one of the biggest and best indie bands that have ever been. Now it's 2017 and LCD Soundsystem is back with a new album and bigger than ever. Live from the cat apartment, Kevin, Marcus, and Eduardo are taking on this American Dream to find out if it's the instant classic we all deserve, or just another non-essential comeback album from a band well past their prime...


 2017-09-11  1h42m