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Aaron Goodvin in the house - Jan 24th

We all avoid people we hate at parties. Crystal and her sleep machine. Chris had a bike ride from hell. Freestyle Friday! Aaron Goodvin stops in and sings for us. 



Dogs destroy all - Jan 6th

Grow up and stop having birthdays. Have you seen bigfoot? Your famous contacts. The 2020 tip is making waves. What body part have you kept? Dogs will eat anything. 



Brett Kissel in studio! - Jan 2nd

Could you give up food and beer to keep skinny? CISN LOVE COURT: a felas just wants to stay fat! Brett Kissel is in studio to talk about music & more. Both Chris and Dean Brody make 2020 predictions. 



New Years Eve and starting fires - Dec 31st

Are you a Xmas gift googler? Danil tells the story of his New Year tradition. What did you start on fire? Rundown of the viral trends. IS IT DINNER? Champagne edition.



We talk to Jack about the new baby! - Dec 30th

did you go for a skate this Christmas? Chris is slowly turning into Mr. Plow. We talk to seconf time mom, Jack, about the new baby! Matt goes full Matt for Christmas. 



December 23rd Robert Clark is in the house

Edmonton Oiler anthem singer joined us to sinig and have fun! 


 2019-12-23  29m

Friday December 20th!

Have you ever confronted someone stealing from you?  Also our friend Oscar tells us what he's excited for when it comes to Christmas. 


 2019-12-20  11m

SANTA! - Dec 19th

Men love the chug jug. CISN LOVE COURT: We deal with a chronic re-gifter. And SANTA HIMSELF is in the house! 


 2019-12-19  22m

Curlers are the new hotness - Dec 18th

Work flirters are all over the place. WEIRD OR WHAT: Are gift cards a good gift? Matt tells the tale of his haircut prank. Underrated sexy professions.  


 2019-12-18  24m

Matt shows off his Simpsons skills - Dec 17th

What's your top app? The Simpsons hit a major milestone. Crystal needs a mouth guard. Mindblowing fact thanks to reddit. 


 2019-12-17  25m