Citations Needed

Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.

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News Brief: Media Helps Trump Stoke Tensions with North Korea

Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson recap today's North Korea escalation. 


 2017-08-09  26m

Episode 05: Purging Socialists of Color From History

On Episode 5, we explore the history of the media erasing socialists of color from the history books and present day discourse––a tactic that serves to both commodity and water-down black radicalism and pawn off leftwing politics as a uniquely...


 2017-08-02  1h1m

Episode 04: The Root of All Evil

Iran, Iraq, and the New York Times’ Master Class in Reality Inversion.


 2017-07-26  51m

Episode 03: The Rise of Superpredator 2.0

Gang-raids as media spectacle.


 2017-07-21  38m

Episode 02 : The North Korea Memory Hole

In the second episode of Citations Needed, Nima and Adam breakdown the history and present "crisis" on the Korean peninsula.


 2017-07-19  59m

Episode 01 : The Charter School Scam

The first episode of Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson's podcast, Citations Needed, tackles the media hype surrounding the privatization of education. Show notes can be found here: 2010 tax form for Participant Foundation used to fund Waiting for Superman...


 2017-07-12  56m