Citations Needed

Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.

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News Brief: Widespread Indifference to Covid-19 in Prisons

In this extended News Brief, we discuss how the rapid increase of Covid-19 in prisons and jails is being met with indifference by lawmakers and US corporate media.


 2020-04-08  59m

News Brief: Top 10 Worst Covid Crisis Takes (So Far)

After over 100 episodes, scores of News Briefs, and almost three years of content production, Citations Needed has finally done it: reduced itself to a listicle. On this News Brief, we examine the top ten worst COVID-19 takes to date (not including...


 2020-03-29  42m

News Brief: As a Social Democracy Response Fails, Likelihood of Martial Response to Covid19 Rises

In this News Brief, we detail recent reports the National Guard and US military may be used in a law enforcement capacity and what this says about the failures of the liberal state. With unemployment potentially reaching 30 percent and an urgent,...


 2020-03-23  27m

Episode 105: Pandemic, Pelosi, and the People We Consider Human

The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the globe, leaving immeasurable human suffering in its wake. Who is left behind, struggling to survive on the frontlines of precarity, is – as with all things – determined primarily by wealth, privilege, and...


 2020-03-18  39m

Episode 104: The Pete Peterson Austerity Empire and the “How Will You Pay For It?” Lie

“According to the Bipartisan Policy Center," "a recent study by the Concord Coalition disagrees," "One review of your budget by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says." We’ve seen these seemingly benign Official Sounding sources...


 2020-03-11  1h14m

Episode 103: The Glib Left-Punching of “Purity Politics” Discourse

"Obama Warns Against ‘Purity Tests’ In Democratic Primary," Spectrum News reports. "Spare Me the Purity Racket," Maureen Dowd opines in The New York Times. "'Purity Tests' Divide Democrats," US News & World Report announces. "Political purity...


 2020-03-04  1h0m

Episode 102: The Conservative Sanctimony of Journalistic Impartiality

One of the most prized professional norms for journalists, particularly the United States, is the preservation of neutrality in reporting. While the concept of “objectivity” has fallen out of fashion among mainstream reportage in recent years,...


 2020-02-26  1h16m

Episode 101: The False Universality of “Common Sense”

“145 CEOs Call On Senate To Pass 'Common-sense, Bipartisan' Gun Laws,” NPR states. “Local Democrat pushes back on NY bail reform law: It's about 'common sense,' not politics,” a Fox News headline reads. “The Only Thing More Dangerous Than...


 2020-02-19  1h4m

Episode 100: Willie Hortonism 2020 - Media Attacks on Prison Reform

Since the rise of Black Lives Matter and a broader cultural awakening in the United States of just how wildly out of whack, cruel and hyper-punitive our criminal legal system is, modest reforms began to emerge across the United States. The lowest...


 2020-02-05  1h19m

Episode 99: The Cruel, Voyeuristic Quackery of Rehab TV Shows

Over the last 20 years, the topics of substance use and treatment have become the stuff of televised entertainment: heart-wrenching stories of desperation and redemption, of suffering and survival. Shows like A&E’s Intervention and VH1’s...


 2020-01-29  1h4m