Citations Needed

Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.

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Episode 72 - John Stossel: Libertarian Billionaires' Inside Man

Though now a fixture of the fringe right-wing, libertarian pundit John Stossel was a longtime staple of mainstream, Serious Person media. With hour-long specials and a weekly segment on the ABC program 20/20, Stossel built his brand as muckraking...


 2019-04-10  1h1m

Episode 71: Laundering Imperial Violence Through Anodyne Foreign Policy-Speak (Part II)

Kinetic strikes. Limited military coercion. Robust sanctions. No fly zones. Military muscle. Modernization. All options are on the table. So much of how we discuss U.S. militarism and imperialism is laundered through seemingly anodyne phrases,...


 2019-04-03  53m

Episode 70: Laundering Imperial Violence Through Anodyne Foreign Policy-Speak (Part I)

Barack Obama unleashes "kinetic strikes” on Libya, Hillary Clinton lobbies for "limited military coercion" in Syria, Congress passes “robust sanctions” on Iran, and Trump gives “US generals more room to run” as he “ramps up”...


 2019-03-20  56m

Episode 69: The Rise of the Inexplicable Republican Best Friend

It’s a trope that dates back more than a decade, but the rise of Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has seen a recent resurgence in the liberal’s “Inexplicable Republican Best Friend,” a specific genre of concern trolling...


 2019-03-13  37m

Episode 68 - A New Gun Control Debate: Dismantling Our Racist 'Lock 'Em Up' Approach

An uptick in mass shootings over the past decade - one that is well documented and indisputable - has provided the cultural and media context for a corollary effort by big city mayors and certain states to push for harsher, more severe gun laws. This...


 2019-03-06  1h1m

News Brief: Let's Relitigate the Sh*t Out of 2016 -- with Thomas Frank

In this public News Brief we review the media coverage of Sanders and Clinton in 2016 and how this past is being written and rewritten to set the narrative for 2020. (1000 apologies for the edited swear word, iTunes doesn't allow you to say bad words...


 2019-02-28  38m

Episode 67: The Gate-Keeping, Power-Serving Tautology of “Electability”

“How to Choose the Most Electable Democrat in 2020,” advises Politico. “Amy Klobuchar's best argument for 2020: Electability,” CNN reports. “Is Electability The Only Thing That Democratic Voters Want?” WGBH, the Boston NPR affiliate,...


 2019-02-27  55m

Episode 66: Whataboutism - The Media's Favorite Rhetorical Shield Against Criticism of US Policy

Since the beginning of what’s generally called ‘RussiaGate’ three years ago, pundits, media outlets, even comedians have all become insta-experts on supposed Russian propaganda techniques. The most cunning of these tricks, we are told, is that...


 2019-02-20  59m

Episode 65: How Empire Uses ‘Feminist’ Branding to Sell War and Occupation

Since the dawn of the American Empire, thin moral pretexts in our politics and press have been used to justify our wars and conquest. The invasion of Cuba and Philippines in 1898 was declared to be a fight for freedom from Spanish oppression. Vietnam...


 2019-02-06  1h22m

Episode 64: Mike Rowe’s Koch-Backed Working Man Affectation

In recent years, television personality Mike Rowe has amassed a wildly popular following due to alleged working-class straight talk about topics ranging from the affordability of college to reasserting a culture of pride in craftsmanship and labor....


 2019-01-30  1h8m