Citations Needed

Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.

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Episode 78: The Militarization of U.S. Media's Drug Coverage

Since the beginning of the so-called War on Drugs, authorities in the United States have viewed drugs not as a public health issue but one of crime, vice and violence, requiring the funding and mobilization not of medical officials but police, DEA...


 2019-06-05  52m

Episode 77: Frugality Fables and the Poor-Shaming Grift of Financial Advice Journalism

“How this millennial saved $1 million by age 30,” The Washington Post writes. “A Millennial Saved $100,000 With This Simple Habit,” CNBC insists. “How to save for retirement when you're living paycheck to paycheck,” CNN confides in us....


 2019-05-29  1h1m

Episode 76: The Anti-War Rebranding of Rhodes and Power and the Moral Hazard of Faux Mea Culpas

In the lead up to the 2020 presidential election, two of the Obama administration's most consistently hawkish advisors, former Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes and former US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power have rebranded themselves as...


 2019-05-22  56m

News Brief: The #Bronx120 and Preet Bharara's Woke Rebranding

In this unlocked News Brief we discuss New York media's racist, factually incorrect coverage of the #Bronx120 and how Preet Bharara went from careerist "gang raid" general locking up poor black teenagers to woke MSNBC platitude machine.


 2019-05-09  11m

Episode 75: The Trouble with 'Florida Man'

“Naked Florida man revealed on video sneaking into restaurant and munching on ramen.” “Florida man broke into jewelry store, cut himself on glass and bled all over everything, police say.” “Florida man arrested at Olive Garden after eating...


 2019-05-01  51m

Episode 74: Liberal Gandhi Fetishism and the Problem with Pop Notions of 'Violence'

"The United States believes any Palestinian government must renounce violence,” a U.S. official told Ha'aretz. When it comes to nonviolence, writes Barbara Reynolds in The Washington Post, “Black Lives Matter seems intent on rejecting the proven...


 2019-04-24  1h13m

Episode 73: Western Media’s Narrow, Colonial Definition of "Corruption"

"The scale of corruption in Africa is daunting," warns The Economist. "Corruption a Cause of Poverty in the Developing World," DW tells us. "Why corruption is holding Africa back," CNN laments. Everywhere we turn in elite media and halls of power, we...


 2019-04-17  53m

Episode 72 - John Stossel: Libertarian Billionaires' Inside Man

Though now a fixture of the fringe right-wing, libertarian pundit John Stossel was a longtime staple of mainstream, Serious Person media. With hour-long specials and a weekly segment on the ABC program 20/20, Stossel built his brand as muckraking...


 2019-04-10  1h1m

Episode 71: Laundering Imperial Violence Through Anodyne Foreign Policy-Speak (Part II)

Kinetic strikes. Limited military coercion. Robust sanctions. No fly zones. Military muscle. Modernization. All options are on the table. So much of how we discuss U.S. militarism and imperialism is laundered through seemingly anodyne phrases,...


 2019-04-03  53m

Episode 70: Laundering Imperial Violence Through Anodyne Foreign Policy-Speak (Part I)

Barack Obama unleashes "kinetic strikes” on Libya, Hillary Clinton lobbies for "limited military coercion" in Syria, Congress passes “robust sanctions” on Iran, and Trump gives “US generals more room to run” as he “ramps up”...


 2019-03-20  56m