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John L. O'Sullivan: The Great Nation of Futurity

In this episode Caleb O. Brown reads John L. O’Sullivan’s “The Great Nation of Futurity.”


 2016-04-30  15m

Dwight D. Eisenhower: Farewell Address

This episode features a remastered recording of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1961 farewell address.



 2016-04-16  18m

Lysander Spooner: To the Non-Slaveholders of the South

In this episode, Caleb O. Brown reads Lysander Spooner’s 1858 essay “To the Non-Slaveholders of the South.”


 2016-04-04  13m

The Loco-Foco Declaration of Principles

In this episode, Caleb O. Brown reads the Loco-Foco Declaration of Principles.


 2016-03-12  12m

Richard Cobden: On Free Trade

This episode features selections from Richard Cobden’s writings and speeches on the freedom of commerce after his election to Parliament in 1841.


 2015-09-12  9m

Benjamin R. Tucker: The Relation of the State to the Individual

This episode features excerpts from Benjamin Tucker’s 1890 speech on the parasitic and inherently agressive nature of the state.


 2015-08-29  14m

Henry David Thoreau: Civil Disobedience

In this episode of Classics of Liberty, Caleb O. Brown reads selections from Henry David Thoreau’s subversive essay Civil Disobedience.


 2015-08-15  13m

Adam Smith: The Man of System and Labor and Commerce

This episode features two selections from both The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. 


 2015-07-11  5m

Frederick Douglass: What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

In this episode of Classics of Liberty, Caleb O. Brown reads the iconic speech “What to a slave is the Fourth of July?” by Frederick Douglass.


 2015-07-04  0m