Cleared Hot

It is safe to say that I have wandered a bit. I served in the military, flew some jets, jumped out of most, climbed mountains (I jumped off of them too), taught fitness, owned a gym, and have spent the last few years speaking to organizations and leaders. It has been a journey, and in all honesty, I have no idea where it is going. I seek the things that make me uncomfortable. I move towards things that scare me. I think you should too

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Episode 111 - Trevor Thompson

Trever Thompson is a former Navy SEAL, skydiver and BASE jumper, Bow Hunter, Photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and all-around renaissance man.  He creates and captures content around the world and is the consummate student, always trying to...



Episode 110 - Gary Foster

Gary Foster is a professional musician, specifically a smasher of drums!  He spent eight years traveling and performing on the Warped Tour before turning in his sticks and pursuing a career in emergency medicine.  He has returned to his...



Cleared Hot Episode 109 - Stella Davison

If you have children, specifically daughters, this podcast is for you.  Actually, this podcast is for anyone who wants to learn more about what it takes to be a high achiever.  At the age of 18, Stella Davison is an Olympic hopeful in the...



Cleared Hot Episode 108 - SBGI Roundtable with Matt Thorton, John Frankl, and Travis Davison

This episode is a repost of a podcast that was recorded for SBGI (Straight Blast Gym International) while we were in Niagra Falls for the fall camp.   In this episode, I am on the receiving end of the questions, instead of asking them. ...


 2019-12-23  1h33m

Cleared Hot Episode 107 - Q and A Part 2

Finishing off 2019 with Q and A part 2... Personal preference and advice across 3 weapons platforms (pistol, AR, long rifle), my thoughts on what we can do to heal as a nation, Macro vs. Micro mindset when it comes to approaching your goals, and...


 2019-12-16  46m

Cleared Hot Episode 106 - Q and A Part 1

I'm doing my best to play catch up on Q and A, it has been a few months.  This is part 1 of 2.  Part 2 will come out next Monday.  Advice for reducing anxiety, EDC (every day carry) and additional tools to make yourself "bulletproof,"...


 2019-12-10  35m

Cleared Hot Episode 105 - Evy Poumpouras

Evy Poumpouras packs an incredible punch in a small package...She is a former Secret Service Special Agent who worked the protective details for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, President George W. Bush, William Clinton, and...


 2019-12-02  1h13m

Cleared Hot Episode 104 - Tall Tales from Texas with Evan Hafer, John Dudley, and Trevor Thompson

Lessons in teambuilding, leadership, personal responsibility, integrity, and life in general from hunting camp with the CEO and founder of Black Rifle Coffee, Evan Hafer...World-class archer and bow-hunter, John Dudley...and gravity enthusiast and...


 2019-11-25  1h17m

Cleared Hot Episode 103 - Andrew Fontes

Andrew Fontes is the Brand Manager for Gatorz Eyewear, an American designed and American made sunglass manufacturer.  With roots in the "high velocity" sports realm, specifically the world of motorcycles, the brand has evolved and now has deep...


 2019-11-18  1h11m

Cleared Hot Episode 102 - John Frankl, Travis Davison, Michael Heinz

Three high-level BJJ practitioners and coaches on one podcast.  John Frankl is a full-time professor in Korea, and part-time badass on the mats.  Actually, he is a full-time badass on the mats.  Travis Davison is the VP of Straight...


 2019-11-12  1h16m