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episode 582: Episode 379: 2020 Wrap-Up (Snippet)

After “big names” like Jay, Kanye, Kendrick, J Cole, etc. held back from releasing big albums in 2020, did the new generation pass them by? How big of a tour can an artist like DaBaby or Megan Thee Stallion do? To hear the entire episode this week where we talked about the untimely death of MF Doom, what was memorable (and not memorable) in 2020, and more, head over to!



episode 581: Episode 378: #VerzuzWhatIf 50 Cent vs. T.I.

Armond & Doc return for a CRS first - an episode streamed live on Instagram to talk about a #VerzuzWhatIf of 50 Cent vs. T.I. Doc played 20 songs for 50, Armond played 20 songs for TI, and the live audience let us who they think won....but now we want to hear from you. Hit up @CRSPodcast on Twitter and tell us how you scored this #VerzuzWhatIf ????


 2020-12-16  1h13m

episode 580: Episode 377 Side B: Kanye West - #RankTheCatalog (Part 2)

Armond & Doc continue this week's conversation and #RankTheCatalog of Kanye West - do they agree on what his best album is? Why was it so hard for a label to take a chance on Kanye in the early 2000's? All that and a lot more.


 2020-12-02  48m

episode 579: Episode 377 Side A: Kanye West - #RankTheCatalog (Part 1)

Armond & Doc return to #RankTheCatalog of the one and only Kanye West.


 2020-12-02  49m

episode 578: Episode 376 Side B: Jeezy/Gucci on Verzuz, Meg Thee Stallion's New Album, & More

Armond & Doc continue on this week by diving into the Jeezy/Gucci Mane Verzuz, Jeezy's new album 'The Recession 2', and Meg Thee Stallion's "debut" album 'Good News'. Are Gucci fans moving the goalposts? Is Jeezy's new album a worthy sequel? Why is Meg a little bit like Meek Mill? All that & more.


 2020-11-26  45m

episode 577: Episode 376 Side A: 2021 Grammy Nominations, 10th Anniversary of MBDTF, & More

Armond & Doc return after a week off to dive into the 2021 Grammy nominations - what's surprising, what's not, and why hip-hop is just too big for one album of the year category. Plus some hot takes on the 10th anniversary of 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy', the NBA offseason, & more.


 2020-11-26  52m

episode 576: Episode 375 Side B: Busta's 'Extinction Level Event 2'+ More

Armond & Doc continue on this week by going in-depth on Busta Rhymes' new album 'ELE2' - what works, what doesn't work, and where it stands in his career. Plus Drake announces when his next album comes out, a side digression into the upcoming Tribe/Outkast Verzuz, & more.


 2020-11-11  40m

episode 575: Episode 375 Side A: Election 2020, King Von, & More

Armond & Doc return after a few weeks off to dive deep in to the 2020 elections as only CRS can. Plus the senseless murder of King Von, random new singles, & more.


 2020-11-11  1h6m

episode 574: Episode 374 Side B: Benny The Butcher's 'Burden of Proof' + TI's 'The L.I.B.R.A.'

Armond & Doc continue on this week by checking in on TI's new album (executive produced by Hitmaka) before going track-by-track on Benny The Butcher's new Hit-Boy produced album 'Burden of Proof' in true CRS fashion. Is this album supposed to be an homage to 03 Rocafella? Is that a good thing? Is this one of the best albums of the year? All that and a lot more.


 2020-10-21  44m

episode 573: Episode 374 Side A: iPhones, Ice Cube & Politics, & More

Armond & Doc return after a week off to talk about everything from new iPhones to Ice Cube "supporting" Trump to LA Reid selling his publishing to deciding what kind of sax (sexy? sad? sexy *and* sad?) Kenny G brought to his song with The Weeknd ????


 2020-10-21  41m