Cloudbase Mayhem Podcast

The Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where you will find fascinating and educational interviews with the best free-flight pilots in the world. If you fly a hanglider or paraglider, if you fly acro or cross country, the Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where we glean how the great pilots of the world get there. Hosted by Red Bull X-Alps pilot, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and current holder of the North American foot launch record, Gavin McClurg. Follow me on Instagram @gavinmcclurg or on Facebook @ or Twitter on @cloudbasemayhem.



      Episode 77- Comp Tactics and Strategies

      I sat down with veteran comp pilots JP Robert Vandenbegine (Canada and Belgium), Chin Chien Huang (aka Jimmy from the US), and Francisco Mantaras (Argentina) to discuss the A to Z of comps. These guys collectively have decades of comp experience and we...



      Episode 76- The Ask Me Anything show! And a fun little story of a Big day:)

      It was a remarkable week- nearly 1,000 km in three flights, all of them one personal best after another. But the big one is a pretty wild story in extreme conditions in huge terrain on a very marginal day at best,



      Episode 75- Dominic Rohner and Chasing the Dream

      Dominic has been flying for 21 years, recently sold his share of a very successful school (Paraworld) in Zurich and has been living the dream- traveling the world in the pursuit of the skycrack. From Tanzania and Kenya to Brazil to Colombia Dominic tak...


       2018-09-20  1h4m

      Episode 74- Theo Warden and Winning BIG

      Theo Warden is only 19 years old and just took home two wins that would be truly amazing in a career of competition flying, let alone from someone who's just getting seriously into the game. Theo took home gold at the Europeans in Portugal in August,


       2018-09-06  54m

      Episode 73- Mitch Riley and X-Alps madness, Developing Mental toughness, Thinking Fast VS Slow, Growth Mindset, Discipline and More

      Mitch Riley has been chasing the sky crack as hard as anyone the last few years. He's averaging 500-600 hours a year, instructs full-time for Eagle Paragliding, competes regularly, does commercial tandems, competed in the 2017 X-Alps and guides around ...


       2018-08-22  1h32m

      Episode 72- Greg Hamerton and FlyBubble, gear choice, bivvy, and the road to Mastery

      Greg is a former PWC pilot and is the man responsible for all those awesome FlyBubble videos, participated in the X-Pyr in 2016, is passionate about vol biv and has a lot of great thoughts and advice for pilots at every level.


       2018-07-31  1h28m

      Episode 71- Bernhard Kalin and the coming future, dangers of overconfidence, Speed flying best-practices

      Bernhard (Benni) Kalin is a Swiss all-things-flight instructor at ChillOutParagliding. Based in Interlaken, speedflying was his initial addiction but over the years it has spread to all canopies- paragliding, base jumping, kitesurfing,


       2018-07-14  1h3m

      Episode 70- Nick Greece and Comp Tactics, Discipline, Progression, Performance and Mentors

      Nick Greece returns to the Mayhem to share a wealth of insights into competition and flying insights and some very honest talk about the manic ride that often defines our sport. This is an honest and at times hysterical talk about the risks of our spor...


       2018-06-29  59m

      Episode 69- Armin Harich and Sending Flatlands and Flying accident free

      Armin Harich is the co-founder of Skywalk Paragliders, started flying in 1989 and has never had an accident, and is the first person to fly over 300km in Germany, and he did it on a EN B wing (the Skywalk Tequila).


       2018-06-13  1h9m

      Episode 68- Nik Hawks and weighing the risks

      Nik Hawks returns to the Mayhem to share two pretty scary incidents that ended well, but came with a LOT of lessons that every pilot can learn from including: coming back from "fear injuries"  by using the big 4, time, building exposure,


       2018-05-30  1h34m