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The Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where you will find fascinating and educational interviews with the best free-flight pilots in the world. If you fly a hanglider or paraglider, if you fly acro or cross country, the Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where we glean how the great pilots of the world get there. Hosted by Red Bull X-Alps pilot, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and current holder of the North American foot launch record, Gavin McClurg. Follow me on Instagram @gavinmcclurg or on Facebook @ or Twitter on @cloudbasemayhem.



      Episode 65- Myles Connolly and 20/20 Reserve Toss Hindsight

      Two days before the Monarca kicked off in Valle de Bravo, Mexico this January our podcast editor Myles Connolly had a cascade episode low and threw his reserve for the first time. Myles got hung up over 80′ off the ground in a dead tree without injury. Some locals came to help out quickly but when things started getting a little tense a calm head prevailed and Myles got down to the ground safely. On paper, a benign event. But after a couple weeks of processing and reliving the day...



      Episode 64- Till Gottbrath and Rethinking Performance and Risk

      Several years ago Nova Paragliders changed the way we think about performance when they put some of their top pilots on the Mentor, an EN B wing and the world watched as they ticked off some of the biggest flights that had ever been done in the Alps, including the vaunted 300 FAI triangle. By flying wings that were less mentally and physically demanding pilots could stay in the air for 10+ hours and make less mistakes. Till Gottbrath began flying when a paraglider had a glide ratio worse...



      Episode 63- Adél Honti and what make a successful pilot

      What makes a successful pilot? Is it just talent and hours or something anyone can learn with training and application? Sports psychology gives us the answer if we break it down into three dimensions: technical, physical and mental. In this episode Adél Honti explains how her analytical approach and study of human psychology has helped her understand how to operate more adeptly in our invisible world. Adél explains why “races are won and lost in the mind.” How do we g...


       2018-03-22  1h38m

      Episode 62- Patrick Hennessey and Speed Flying basic to expert

      After many many requests we bring you our first show dedicated to speed flying and mini wings. Patrick Hennessey is a pilot based in the Northwest of the US who’s been getting after it but came into the sport via skydiving and has a pretty interesting take on how people should learn and access the sport. In this episode we talk about the inherent risks of flying small wings, the high number of unnecessary accidents, the “cowboy” attitude and the lack of...


       2018-03-07  53m

      Episode 61- Marko Hrgetic Hrga and How to Fly FAST!

      Marko Hrgetic Hrga has been flying World Cups for the past 11 years and has a paragliding school in Valle De Bravo, Mexico which operates under the Swiss APPI system. He also just launched a new style of race in Mexico called the XCSkyRace aimed at finding out who is the best cross country pilot by encouraging pilots to do their own thing. At this January’s Monarca comp Marko absolutely crushed on the Triple 777 Queen, an EN/C three line glider, often out-gliding and climbing the...


       2018-02-21  1h12m

      Episode 60- Lisa Hope Tilstra and taking your first steps…into the magic

      Lisa Hope Tilstra articulates the perspective all of us can relate to as pilots as she’s a total newbie- as a brand new pilot she’s going through what we all have at some point in our flying lives. No flight can ever match that first time we left the ground and remembering how special that was is reason enough to listen to this show. But then we dig down into the huge differences of coming into this sport as a female versus a male; what challenges new pilots face; how...


       2018-02-07  1h10m

      Episode 59- Christoph Weber and Behind the Veil of the Red Bull X-Alps

      Christoph Weber has been the race director of the Red Bull X-Alps since 2007. This episode dives into the behind-the-scenes for our fans of the show who wanted more than what’s available on live tracking. How do athletes get chosen? How is the route decided every year? What’s the story with how the rules have changed over the years? Is it possible to beat Chrigel? How has the race changed over the years? What are the major logistics involved and what is Red...


       2018-01-23  57m

      Episode 58- Théo De Blic and becoming a professional

      Théo De Blic is one of the new generation of professional acro pilots who has been staggering audiences around the world with his incredibly difficult twisted sequences. In this episode we learn how Théo has become one of the most-winning pilots on the World Cup tour and how he’s making a living from flying and then we get into the essentials of progression, the ardors of competition, the best equipment for acro, the safest way to learn acro, the steps of throwing your rescue, w...


       2018-01-10  53m

      Episode 57- Phil Glutz and Confidence, Complacency and Chasing it

      Recorded live from Mexico! During the Pre PWC in Zapoltitic I had the honor to sit down with Phil Glutz, a pilot I’ve been keenly following on XContest for years. Phil sends big lines in the biggest terrain in the Alps and decided a couple decades ago to ditch his engineering career because the sky was calling. An Australian native, Phil discovered Zermatt over twenty years ago and made it his home. We discuss the business of tandem flying and the inherent risks involved; the...


       2017-12-28  1h14m

      Christmas Bonus Episode with Chrigel Maurer!

      For a limited time only (December 15-30, 2017) listeners of the Mayhem can get a 10% discount on a Garmin InReach device. Visit and use the code “GAVIN2017” in the checkout. 
      It’s here folks! The bonus episode you’ve all been waiting for. We released this follow up episode with Chrigel Maurer a couple months ago for our Patreon supporters. Don’t miss these! Sign up to support the show through Patreon and get immediate access to bonus ...


       2017-12-21  52m