Cloudbase Mayhem Podcast

The Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where you will find fascinating and educational interviews with the best free-flight pilots in the world. If you fly a hanglider or paraglider, if you fly acro or cross country, the Cloudbase Mayhem podcast is where we glean how the great pilots of the world get there. Hosted by Red Bull X-Alps pilot, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and current holder of the North American foot launch record, Gavin McClurg. Follow me on Instagram @gavinmcclurg or on Facebook @ or Twitter on @cloudbasemayhem.



      Episode 71- Bernhard Kalin and the coming future, dangers of overconfidence, Speed flying best-practices

      Bernhard (Benni) Kalin is a Swiss all-things-flight instructor at ChillOutParagliding. Based in Interlaken, speedflying was his initial addiction but over the years it has spread to all canopies- paragliding, base jumping, kitesurfing, kiteskiing- you name it. Last year flying with his father in the Wallis Benni had to deploy his reserve for the first time and ended up in a terrifying position that required a helicopter recovery. He walked away physically uninjured but getting his head...



      Episode 70- Nick Greece and Comp Tactics, Discipline, Progression, Performance and Mentors

      Nick Greece returns to the Mayhem to share a wealth of insights into competition and flying insights and some very honest talk about the manic ride that often defines our sport. Nick’s had quite a year. He was witness to a terrific tandem accident in Kenya this winter; went from an easy podium to a cruel grovel across a swamp in the Pan Americans in Brazil; to the notable achievement of coming in dead last at the Brazil PWC and then just a month later dominating the Applegate Open...



      Episode 69- Armin Harich and Sending Flatlands and Flying accident free

      Armin Harich is the co-founder of Skywalk Paragliders, started flying in 1989 and has never had an accident, and is the first person to fly over 300km in Germany- and he did it on a EN B wing (the Skywalk Tequila). I was told by many people before speaking to Armin that he’s a flatlands “SkyGod” so we focused much of this show on flatlands flying techniques and how people started flying the flatlands, dealing with airspace, how to assess weather in advance of a potentially ...


       2018-06-13  1h9m

      Episode 68- Nik Hawks and weighing the risks

      Nik Hawks returns to the Mayhem to share two pretty scary close calls that ended well, but came with a LOT of lessons that every pilot can learn from including: coming back from “fear injuries”  by using the big 4, time, building exposure, and pattern recognition; how to get better at self-assessment (wingovers, exit from 360, exiting and entering spirals cleanly, avoiding and handling collapses, etc.); how to ask older/better pilots for help and the best way to approach mentors; ...


       2018-05-30  1h34m

      Episode 67- Fabien Blanco and SIV, Single Surface Wings, Bivvy and Safety

      Fabien Blanco is the founder and head instructor at Flyeo in Annecy, one of the most-respected paragliding schools in the world. Their focus is on teaching SIV, Cross Country and adventure flying. Fabien was a professional acro pilot and is a passionate ski-mountaineer and brings a wealth of knowledge from various “extreme” disciplines to our sport. He discovered when they first started teaching SIV that rather than focusing on ticking off the maneuvers and calling it good they...


       2018-05-16  1h40m

      Episode 66- Andy Hediger and becoming an Airman

      If it flies, Andy Hediger flies it (or jumps out of it!). Sailplanes, trikes, hang gliders, light-weight airplanes, wingsuits, Swift, Archaeopteryx, Virus, but he rates the paraglider as the king of them all. The developer of the D-Bag, Andy was there at the absolute beginning of Acro and cross country, sewing some of the very first wings and his passion and love of the sport is as strong now as it was in the beginning. The “Airman” has pushed the limits of flying, safety,...


       2018-05-01  1h19m

      Episode 65- Myles Connolly and 20/20 Reserve Toss Hindsight

      Two days before the Monarca kicked off in Valle de Bravo, Mexico this January our podcast editor Myles Connolly had a cascade episode low and threw his reserve for the first time. Myles got hung up over 80′ off the ground in a dead tree without injury. Some locals came to help out quickly but when things started getting a little tense a calm head prevailed and Myles got down to the ground safely. On paper, a benign event. But after a couple weeks of processing and reliving the day...


       2018-04-17  1h4m

      Episode 64- Till Gottbrath and Rethinking Performance and Risk

      Several years ago Nova Paragliders changed the way we think about performance when they put some of their top pilots on the Mentor, an EN B wing and the world watched as they ticked off some of the biggest flights that had ever been done in the Alps, including the vaunted 300 FAI triangle. By flying wings that were less mentally and physically demanding pilots could stay in the air for 10+ hours and make less mistakes. Till Gottbrath began flying when a paraglider had a glide ratio worse...


       2018-04-04  1h14m

      Episode 63- Adél Honti and what make a successful pilot

      What makes a successful pilot? Is it just talent and hours or something anyone can learn with training and application? Sports psychology gives us the answer if we break it down into three dimensions: technical, physical and mental. In this episode Adél Honti explains how her analytical approach and study of human psychology has helped her understand how to operate more adeptly in our invisible world. Adél explains why “races are won and lost in the mind.” How do we g...


       2018-03-22  1h38m

      Episode 62- Patrick Hennessey and Speed Flying basic to expert

      After many many requests we bring you our first show dedicated to speed flying and mini wings. Patrick Hennessey is a pilot based in the Northwest of the US who’s been getting after it but came into the sport via skydiving and has a pretty interesting take on how people should learn and access the sport. In this episode we talk about the inherent risks of flying small wings, the high number of unnecessary accidents, the “cowboy” attitude and the lack of...


       2018-03-07  53m