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CNN10 - 03/30/17

Featured this Thursday: U.S. troops in the Middle East, the debate over "sanctuary cities," and one engineer's quest for a concert hall with perfect sound.


 2017-03-30  10m

CNN10 - 03/29/17

An executive order concerning the environment, a settlement concerning a U.S. city's water crisis, and a potentially protective type of gel are featured today.


 2017-03-29  10m

CNN10 - 03/28/17

Britain starts the process of leaving the EU, Australia assesses the damage from Cyclone Debbie, and we explain the debate over access to encryption technology.


 2017-03-28  10m

CNN10 - 03/27/17

A new leader is chosen in Hong Kong, a GOP health reform effort falls short, a moon race may be launching, and a CNN Hero gives refuge from Chicago violence.


 2017-03-27  10m

CNN10 - 03/24/17

A Holocaust survivor discusses recent threats to Jewish centers, a company plans tours of the Titanic, and a product aims to help improve people's posture.


 2017-03-24  10m

CNN10 - 03/23/17

An apparent terrorist attack in Britain, an American company's warning, a Vietnamese effort to help bees, and a CNN Hero are all featured this Thursday.


 2017-03-22  10m

CNN10 - 03/22/17

Changes for U.S.-bound flights, changes to a GOP health care plan, preparedness changes in Japanese schools, and changes for Mexico's poor are all featured.


 2017-03-21  10m

CNN10 - 03/21/17

The head of the FBI and a Supreme Court nominee speak at hearings on Capitol Hill, and virtual reality is examined as a possible treatment for phobias.


 2017-03-20  10m

CNN10 - 03/20/17

U.S. customs agents hunt for pill presses, listeria discoveries prompt a pizza recall, and the spring allergy season starts early for some parts of America.


 2017-03-19  10m

CNN10 - 03/17/17

The latest hold on a U.S. immigration order, historic footage of nuclear tests, hiking near a lava lake, and a CNN Hero are all featured this Friday.


 2017-03-19  10m