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CNN Student News - 11/03/16

Today, we explain the U.S. Electoral College and how the Supreme Court chooses its cases. Also covered: migrant camps in Paris and wind turbines in the U.S.


 2016-11-02  10m

CNN Student News - 11/02/16

Today, we're explaining an investigation concerning the FBI and a U.S. presidential candidate, and we're examining a standoff over the Dakota Access Pipeline.


 2016-11-01  10m

CNN Student News - November 1, 2016

Our two-part series on distracted driving concludes today. Find out how technology, which is often part of the problem, can be part of the solution.


 2016-11-01  10m

CNN Student News - 10/28/16

The WWF issues a warning about the world's animals, U.S.-Russia relations are compared to a new Cold War, and Japan's high-speed rail network gets even faster.


 2016-10-28  10m

CNN Student News - 10/27/16

Today's show covers migrant deaths in the Mediterranean, muscle loss in space, hits to young football players, and tech as a teaching tool at a haunted house.


 2016-10-27  10m

CNN Student News - 10/26/16

Featured today: the balance of power in Congress, the destruction left behind by ISIS, and the efforts to harness the cognitive stimulation of video games.


 2016-10-26  10m

CNN Student News - 10/25/16

French officials begin clearing "The Jungle," a new theory tries to explain the Bermuda Triangle's mysteries, and we begin a new series on video games' effects.


 2016-10-25  10m

CNN Student News - 10/24/16

Today's topics include the disarmament of bombs in Iraq, the planned merger between AT&T and Time Warner, and an explanation of vote recounts in U.S. elections.


 2016-10-23  10m

CNN Student News - 10/21/16

The apparent loss of a Mars lander, recent storms in the Philippines, possible responses to hacking, and a Character Study are all featured this Friday.


 2016-10-21  10m

CNN Student News - 10/20/16

Today's topics include the third (and last) debate between the top U.S. presidential candidates and our fourth (and last) report on the U.S. heroin epidemic.


 2016-10-20  10m