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CNN Student News - 09/07/16

Today, we're explaining efforts to remove unexploded bombs in Laos, we're looking at how the flu shot works, and we're marking the start of the Paralympics.


 2016-09-07  10m

CNN Student News - 09/06/16

This Tuesday, we're reporting on the latest G20 summit, the scale-model recreation of the Great Fire of London, and the business potential of eSports.


 2016-09-06  10m

CNN Student News - 09/02/16

Today, we're explaining the U.S. Electoral College, the upcoming G20 summit, and the work of a CNN Hero in helping former foster children gain a sense of home.


 2016-09-02  10m

CNN Student News - 09/1/16

Brazil's president is impeached, Italy rescues scores of migrants from the Mediterranean, and a new census shows a startling decline in African elephants.


 2016-09-01  10m

CNN Student News - 08/31/16

The European Union says Apple owes billions in back taxes, violence spikes in Chicago, and we examine research into the biomechanics of baseball pitching.


 2016-08-31  10m

CNN Student News - 08/30/16

Today's show covers the height of the Atlantic hurricane season, the arduous work in an Indonesian sulfur mine, and our series finale on U.S. national parks.


 2016-08-30  10m

CNN Student News - 08/29/16

Coordination helps recovery in earthquake-stricken Italy, we look back on the impact of Hurricane Katrina, and the U.S. resumes commercial flights to Cuba.


 2016-08-28  10m

CNN Student News - 08/26/16

Today, we're kicking off our 2016 U.S. presidential election coverage, we're venturing into space, and we're visiting a treasured national park in Florida.


 2016-08-25  10m

CNN Student News - 08/25/16

A powerful earthquake strikes Italy, North Korea launches a missile from a submarine, and a U.S. health organization releases new sugar guidelines.


 2016-08-25  10m