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Manhattan prosecutors say criminal charges likely for Trump

Storm clouds for Trump: Manhattan prosecutors say criminal charges are likely for the former president in the Stormy Daniels hush money case. Plus, the Mexican drug cartel that kidnapped four Americans, killing two, issues an alleged apology letter. And, bracing for the jobs report: new numbers that could sway the Feds’ fight on inflation are just hours away...


 2023-03-10  2h5m

Russian missile attack, Sen. McConnell hospitalized, Biden’s deficit plan

Russia launches a deadly barrage of missiles across Ukraine overnight, killing innocent citizens and severely damaging its energy infrastructure. Plus, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is hospitalized after a tripping and falling at a DC hotel. And, details of Biden’s plan to cut the deficit by $3 trillion, and why Republicans say it will never happen...


 2023-03-09  2h4m

Kidnapped Americans found, FOX texts revealed, TikTok crackdown

Two of the Americans kidnapped at gunpoint in Mexico by a drug cartel have been found dead. Two have survived and are back on US soil. Our hosts break down what CNN is learning about the detained suspect kidnapper, and also speak to the family of one of the survivors. Plus, more embarrassing exposure for FOX News – a trove of private text messages and e-mails revealed as part of a defamation lawsuit against the network tells everyone Tucker Carlson’s real, off-air opinion of Donald Trump...


 2023-03-08  2h4m

Violent passenger on United and kidnapped Americans in Mexico latest

A passenger on a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Boston last night has been accused of attempting to stab an airline attendant with a broken spoon after they moved to prevent the passenger from opening the emergency exit mid-flight. Plus, the identities of the four Americans missing in Mexico after being kidnapped at gunpoint have been revealed. Investigators believe they were targeted by a Mexican cartel in a case of mistaken identity...


 2023-03-07  2h4m

Terror in the skies, violent protest in Atlanta, Chris Rock slaps back

A Southwest Airlines plane is forced to make an emergency landing after the cabin fills with smoke. A bird strike is to blame. Plus: A protest at a construction site in Atlanta turns violent. And: Chris Rock finally speaks out about what happened with him and Will Smith on the Oscars stage. 


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 2023-03-06  2h4m

Murdaugh found guilty, toxic train outrage, severe storms in South

Alex Murdaugh is found guilty of murdering his wife and son. Sentencing is imminent after a jury took just three hours to decide the disgraced South Carolina attorney’s fate. Plus, outrage boils over in a meeting with officials in East Palestine, as families demand to be evacuated or relocated from their own hometown following the toxic train disaster. And, the severe weather threat is not over yet for millions of Americans as tornadoes continue to rip through Texas and Louisiana...


 2023-03-03  2h1m

Michigan murder plot, explosive luggage found, dramatic closing arguments

Breaking News: disturbing details about a plot aimed at killing Jewish elected officials in Michigan. Plus, the FBI and TSA intercept a suitcase containing explosives before it is loaded onto a flight. And, the dramatic closing arguments in the Alex Murdaugh double murder trial...


 2023-03-02  2h5m

Lab leak theory, Chicago election loss, devastating train crash

The FBI Director publicly confirms the Bureau's assessment that Covid-19 “most likely” leaked from a Chinese lab. Plus, for the first time in more than 30-years, a Chicago sitting mayor has lost re-election in a race that was dominated by rising crime. Is it a warning sign for other big city Democrats? And, a devastating crash near Athens, Greece kills more than 36 people after a passenger train collides head on with a freight train...


 2023-03-01  2h2m

Murdoch on election lies, student loan showdown, toxic train cleanup

Fox Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch testifies in the Dominion Voting Systems Vs. FOX News defamation lawsuit, that some FOX hosts endorsed 2020 election lies. Plus, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona joins to discuss Biden’s student loans relief plan going before the Supreme Court today, with the eyes of 26 million applicants on the outcome of the hearing...


 2023-02-28  2h4m

Tornadoes in California, China weapons concerns, GOP Ohio probe

A dangerous winter storm hits Southern California, unleashing tornadoes as it heads East. Meteorologist Chad Myers joins to track the severe weather threat. Plus, there's growing concern that China may be ready to provide weapons to Russia. Could it be a game changer on the battlefields in Ukraine? And, House Republicans plot a probe into the Biden administration's handling of the toxic train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio...


 2023-02-27  2h5m