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45th President becomes first ever with mug shot

Trump surrenders in the Georgia 2020 election case, as his team begins fundraising off his arrest and mug shot. Plus, the prosecutor D.A. Fani Willis requests an October 23, 2023 trial date, and a hearing on Monday will decide if former Trump Chief of staff Mark Meadows' case will be moved to a federal court. Also, speculation builds over whether the plane carrying Wagner leader Prigozhin was downed intentionally.

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Trump surrendering today, GOP debate highlights, Prigozhin plane crash

Just hours from now Trump is expected to surrender at the Fulton County jail in Georgia. This will be the fourth time that he has turned himself in for arrests in a criminal case in just five months - this time, it’s for efforts to overturn Joe Biden's victory in Georgia. Plus, Trump's rivals address his legal battles at the first GOP primary debate. Six of the eight candidates raised their hand when asked if they would still support Trump as a presidential nominee if convicted...



New surrenders, emergency order, Giuliani fundraiser

Two co-defendants, considered the architects of the legal strategy to try to overturn the 2020 election, surrender at Fulton County jail ahead of Trump’s expected surrender tomorrow. 4 of the 19 have surrendered so far ahead of the Friday noon deadline. Plus, former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows asks a federal judge to block D.A. Willis from arresting him, while he tries to move his Georgia case to federal court...



GOP debate stage set, Trump’s $200,000 bond, radioactive release

The RNC formally announces the eight candidates who will appear in tomorrow's GOP presidential nominee debate. As expected, front-runner Trump will snub FOX by not participating. Instead, he will be counterprogramming with a taped interview with former FOX host Tucker Carlson. Plus, hours after the debate, Trump will surrender at the Fulton County jail on charges related to his effort to overturn the 2020 election. Trump has agreed to a $200,000 bond...


 2023-08-22  2h4m

Hilary’s impact, Biden heads to Maui, skipping the debate

Hurricane Hilary tears through the Southwest after slamming California with catastrophic flooding and mudslides. Plus, President Biden will visit Maui today to meet with survivors of the devastating wildfires. And, former President Trump makes it official. He says he will not show up to this week's GOP primary debate and even suggests he may not show up to any of them. Also this morning. a jail in Georgia is bracing for a very busy week. D.A...


 2023-08-21  2h4m

Maui official quits, Proud Boys prosecution, hurricane Hillary intensifies

Maui's emergency management administrator quits abruptly a day after he defended not sounding the island's sirens as deadly wildfires tore through Lahaina, citing health reasons. Plus, Federal prosecutors recommend the toughest January 6 sentence yet for two leaders of the Proud Boys. And, Hurricane Hillary intensifies to a major category 4 storm, and is expected to bring flooding and rain to California and the Southwest over the weekend...


 2023-08-18  2h11m

Georgia judge threatened, trader bets $1.6 billion, cancer rates climb

A Texas woman is arrested for threatening to kill the judge in the Georgia election subversion case, as the purported personal details of the Fulton County grand jurors circulate on far-right websites. Plus, the trader who predicted the collapse of the housing market in 2008 bets more than $1.6 billion on a stock market crash by the end of 2023. And, more young people are being diagnosed with cancer according to a new study, with the rising rate predominantly driven by women in their 30s...


 2023-08-17  2h9m

GA indictment arrest details, Trump’s DM search, possible Maui fire cause

Overnight, CNN learned Trump is expected to be booked into Fulton County jail at any point in the next nine-days. That, as Rudy Giuliani says he’ll surrender in Georgia next week, blasting prosecutors as “incompetent’ & “sloppy”. Plus, court transcripts reveal the special counsel in the January 6 case obtained a warrant to get Trump’s Twitter direct messages. And, new questions about what caused wildfires on Maui that are now blamed for 106 deaths...


 2023-08-16  2h5m

Trump criminally charged for the fourth time this year

Trump and 18 allies are charged in a 41-count indictment in Georgia, accused of allegedly trying to subvert the 2020 presidential election. Each of the 19 defendants faces RICO racketeering charges that were meant to take down mob bosses and gangs. Plus, our panel discusses the complete list of the 91 charges across four indictments the former President now faces. And, 99 people are confirmed dead in the Maui wildfires, with only 25% of the disaster area searched...


 2023-08-15  2h52m

“Fire hurricane” kills 96, Trump indictment evidence, chilling newspaper raid

96 people have been killed in the Maui wildfires, but only 3% of the disaster area has been searched so far, with the Hawaii Governor calling it a “fire hurricane” that “travelled one mile every minute”. The state's main electric provider now faces a lawsuit for not cutting electricity when forecasters warned about wind gusts. Plus, Trump faces a possible 4th indictment as the Fulton County D.A. prepares to present her 2020 election fraud case to a grand jury...


 2023-08-14  2h9m