Coaster Bot Rambles

The rambles of theme park enthusiast Harry, and novice in all things roller coaster Zoe.

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Minisode 20 - FLY at Phantasialand

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about Phantasialand's newest coaster and discuss your opinions of the ride.


 2020-02-14  23m

Scott Bravenboer Rambles - Hoi Hoi!

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe are joined by friend of the channel Scott (events and productions at Walibi Holland) to ramble about theme parks and answer some of your questions.


 2020-02-07  51m

Minisode 19 - Manufacturers

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about roller coaster manufacturers and discuss the results of the manufacturer ranking poll.


 2020-01-31  17m

32 - Pensioner rides

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about what they would do with it if they owned Blackpool Pleasure Beach and discuss your own opinions.


 2020-01-24  41m

Minisode 18 - Bad Theme Park Experiences

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about their worst theme park experiences and discuss your own park trip horror stories.


 2020-01-17  16m

31 - You're secure

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about how Zoe overcame her fear or roller coasters and offer tips to help you do the same.


 2020-01-10  50m

Minisode 17 - Winter Events

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about winter or Christmas theme park events and discuss what an ideal winter event should include. WARNING: contains Mickey Mouse spoilers!


 2019-12-27  14m

30 - Harry this is not a video

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about the past year as it draws to a close, and discuss your questions about the 2019 season.


 2019-12-20  53m

Minisode 16 - What makes a 'good' ride?

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about what makes a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ride and discuss your thoughts on this question.


 2019-12-06  20m

29 - Passenger spoon

Harry (Coaster Bot) & Zoe ramble about this year’s IAAPA EXPO in Orlando, and discuss your opinions and questions about the announcements made.


 2019-11-29  48m