Code Story

Their tech. Their products. Their stories. In a tech startup, how do you get from an idea on the back of a napkin to a fully functioning product? Code Story is a podcast featuring tech leaders, reflecting the roads they travelled and the products they created. On the show, we interview tech visionaries, digging into the critical moments of what it takes to change an industry, and build (and lead) a team that has your back. Hosted by Noah Labhart, this show is a window into the digital startup world. In their own words, tech veterans share what it feels like to create a world class product, how to recover from critical mistakes, and how to scale your solution to the masses. This podcast is for the tech leader, CTO, CEO, developer, software architect, startup leader, disruptive visionary - or the curious minded individual, who wants to know what a builder goes through in creating world changing technology.

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S6 Bonus: Jennifer Smith, Scribe

Work instructions, automated recording


 2022-08-10  34m

episode 30: S6 E30: Liam Gerada, Krepling

No Code eCommerce for all


 2022-08-09  23m

Microsoft Careers with Girish & Junior!

Microsoft Careers, and the expansive opportunities!


 2022-08-05  29m

S6 Bonus: Addison Higham, StreamNative

Real time messaging and streaming platform


 2022-08-04  26m

Tutelage of Treehouse - Graham Morby, Sr. Software Engineer

How a Sr. Developer stays sharp with Treehouse


 2022-08-03  22m

episode 29: S6 E29: Irina Bednova, Cordless

Product-fying customer support telephony


 2022-08-02  28m

S6 Bonus: Andre Ferraz, Incognia

Authentication based on your location fingerprint


 2022-07-29  32m

S6 Bonus: Robert Cooke, 3Forge

Data platform for rapid development


 2022-07-28  21m

Tutelage of Treehouse - Daniel McElroy, WV Coding Club

West Virgina Coding Club & Treehouse - all the way


 2022-07-27  11m

episode 28: S6 E28: Tyson Kunosvsky, Autocloud

Moving your enterprise, to the cloud.


 2022-07-26  28m