Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.



      S4:E8 - What’s it like to be the CTO of Microsoft? (Kevin Scott)

      Kevin Scott tells us all about his day-to-day, how he ended up as the CTO of Microsoft, and shares his thoughts on the value of computer science degrees.



      S4:E7 - How to teach when you’re not an expert (Angela Andrews)

      Angela Andrews hosted her first coding workshop at her dining room table. Since then, she's hosted a number of coding workshops. She shares how she puts on these workshops and how being a newbie herself has helped her be a better teacher.



      S4:E6 - From glass blower to developer (Michael Pimentel)

      Michael started his career as a glass blower for movies and tv shows. He shares how he taught himself to code, and the one-year job search that landed him the developer job he has today.



      S4:E5 - Are you ready for a hackathon? (Kathryn Hodge)

      Kathryn's participated in dozens of hackathons as a student, and shares all the ways hackathons have helped her in her professional coding career.


       2018-05-21  32m

      S4:E4 - What happens in a technical interview? (Parker Phinney)

      We talk to Parker Phinney, creator of Interview Cake, on what to expect in an interview and what to do when you feel like you don't know what you're doing.


       2018-05-14  42m

      S4:E3 - What’s it like to be a coding apprentice? (Kasey Oglesby , Chris Bay)

      Kasey shares her experiences as a coding apprentice and graduate of Launch Code, a non-profit that helps you launch your tech career through apprenticeships.


       2018-05-08  48m

      S4:E2 - What's a quiet developer? (Seán Hanson)

      We talk to Seán Hanson about what it means to be a quiet developer and how passion doesn't always have to be loud.


       2018-05-01  37m

      S4:E1 - How do you build an iOS app? (Amir Rajan)

      Amir Rajan is CEO of RubyMotion, a tool that helps you turn your ruby code base into an iOS app. He shares his own app building experience, and what developers should know when turning their project into a mobile app.


       2018-04-23  45m

      S3:E8 - How to learn to code when you have no time and money (Colleen Schnettler)

      Colleen is a military spouse, mother of three, and taught herself how to code over a number of years. She tells us how she did it, and how you can do it too.


       2018-03-19  27m

      S3:E7 - From tech blogger to Fog Creek CEO (Anil Dash)

      Anil Dash shares how he navigated his impressive career in tech and how he builds kindness into his company's products.


       2018-03-12  44m