Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.




      S1:EP4 – The JavaScript First Responder (Wes Bos)

      Wes Bos is pretty popular in the JavaScript and learn-to-code community. He produces tons of tutorials, blog posts, videos, many of them free, for people to learn and grow as developers. He takes us behind-the-scenes, sharing how he learns, how he works, and how he slowly, eventually got over his hatred for JavaScript to become a beloved JavaScript teacher.

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      S1:EP3 – How to teach yourself computer science (Vaidehi Joshi)

      Vaidehi decided to take on a year-long challenge. She'd pick a computer science topic every week, do tons of research and write a technical blog post explaining it in simple terms and beautiful illustrations. And then she actually did it. She tells us about her project, basecs, how it's changed her as a developer, and how she handles the trolls and negativity from people who don't appreciate her work.

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      S1:EP2 – Building community in a virtual world: Moderation tools in VR (Cameron Brown)

      Rec Room is the most popular virtual reality game. It's a social space where you can play dodgeball, ping pong, darts and more with people from all over the world. But when you're inviting everyone to play, how do you make sure that everyone is safe? What happens when a player attacks someone? What does an attack even look like in a virtual world? Cameron Brown, Chief Creative Officer at Against Gravity, the creators of Rec Room, takes us through the world of social virtual reality and...



      S1:EP1 – Intro to Accessibility (Stephanie Slattery)

      We kick off the first episode of our official first season with Stephanie Slattery, a front-end engineer who specializes in accessibility. She breaks down the world of accessibility, giving you the perfect introduction to this topic. She explains the five categories of disabilities, shows us how to implement suggestions from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and shares why she’s so passionate about helping more people experience tech.

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      Ep. 146 – Codeland - Mentorship, Technical Blogging, and Open Source Talks from Katrina Owen, Quincy Larson, and Nell Shamrell-Harrington

      In our final episode of our Codeland mini-series, Katrina Owen shares what it really takes to get that mentor you've always wanted, Quincy Larson gives us his best practices for writing technical blog posts people will actually read, and Nell Shamrell-Harrington explores what it really takes for an open source project to be successful and what you should know as a future contributor.

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      Ep. 145 – Codeland - NYPL and Khan Academy talks from Courteney Ervin and Celia La

      Courteney Ervin shares the ups and downs of building a product for one of the largest library systems in the world. Celia La walks us through the technical challenges (and solutions) of bringing Khan Academy's high quality content to people all over the world.

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      Ep. 144 – Codeland - Accessibility and Education talks from Sterling Walker and Maurice Rogers

      We wrap up our community talks with Sterling’s story of her very first project at her first dev job: making the app accessible to two blind students. Maurice kicks off our education talks with the story of Abacus, his side project that became the learning system used by thousands of students in his country of Belize.

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      Ep. 143 – Codeland - Community Talks from Valerie Woolard Srinivasan and Rapi Castillo

      Valerie explores the importance of security in creating powerful and engaged communities, and breaks down three ways your code might be vulnerable. Rapi shares his story of creating a toy coding project in D3.js that sparked a movement and helped thousands of people become more politically engaged. Checkout the videos of these talks on the CodeNewbie YouTube channel.

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      Ep. 142 – Codeland - Codeland - Mental Health talks from Michelle Morales and Greg Baugues

      This episode features two talks on mental health that explore two very different sides of this important topic. Michelle’s talk is a technical showcase of how her research project uses open source tools to better diagnose depression. Greg shares his personal struggles with ADHD and bipolar disorder, and how important it is for us to openly talk about mental health.

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