Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.



      S2:E4 - What makes a good speaker? (Kelsey Hightower, Lara Hogan)

      This is the last week to submit a talk to Codeland, our annual tech conference, so we wanted to give you some insight on what makes a good talk, a good speaker, and a good proposal. You'll hear from Lara Hogan, who literally wrote the book on public speaking, and Kelsey Hightower, frequent speaker and chair of many tech conferences. They share their personal speaking stories (and nightmares!), how they prepare their talks, and the common mistakes they see first-time speakers make.




      S2:E3 - How do tech companies read your resume? (Eddie Washington)

      Applying to your first technical role (or your second!) can be a long and intimidating process, especially when you're not sure how to stand out. What do tech companies really care about? What should you put on your resume? What should you leave out? We talk to in-house recruiter, Eddie Washington, to give you the scoop on how companies evaluate your application and what you can do to increase your chances of getting that first interview.

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      S2:E2 - How do browsers work? (Lin Clark)

      You use the browser all the time, but how much do you really know about it? Lin Clark walks us through all the steps a browser takes to translate your html into pixels on the screen. She also makes these wonderful coding cartoons. She shares her techniques and her process, and how you can apply them to your next technical blog post.

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      S2:E1 – How she built an app to help victims of domestic violence (Alicia Carr)

      Alicia Carr grew up surrounded by domestic violence. So when she learned about coding, she decided to build a mobile app to help women escape domestic abuse. Her app, Pevo, got the attention of Apple, who featured her in their WWDC promo video. She shares the technical challenges of building this app, the personal challenge of learning to believe in herself, and how she learned the skills to bring this app to life.

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      S1:EP8 – What and why is web animation? (Rachel Nabors)

      Web animation can be creative and fun, but what does it have to do with building a website? How do you use it in a form or a basic landing page in a way that's actually helpful and not just cute? Rachel Nabors helps us understand what web animation looks like and how to use it to create powerful user experiences. She also shares her own inspiring journey of going from cartoonist to coder.

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      S1:EP7 – Why is my website slow? (Lara Hogan)

      You've got an amazing website. It's beautiful, functional, but it takes forever to load. What do you do? Where do you even begin to debug that? Lara Hogan, VP of Engineering at Kickstarter and author of the book, Designing for Performance, breaks down common web performance issues, tools you can use to diagnose the problem, and how to use AB testing to measure your results. We also have another episode of the Coding Corner, where we unpack three common mistakes newbies make when trying to...



      S1:EP6 – How to ace a technical interview (La Vesha Parker, Tiffany Peon)

      Technical interviews are the worst. They’re hard, they’re scary, and they often feel like they’re designed to make you feel stupid. But no worries! We’re here to help. We take a behind-the-scenes look at the interview process at two very prestigious companies, Etsy and the New York Times. Developers La Vesha Parker and Tiffany Peon break down each part of the interview process, giving you examples and explanations of exactly what they’re looking for, and share their own stories of how they...




      S1:EP4 – The JavaScript First Responder (Wes Bos)

      Wes Bos is pretty popular in the JavaScript and learn-to-code community. He produces tons of tutorials, blog posts, videos, many of them free, for people to learn and grow as developers. He takes us behind-the-scenes, sharing how he learns, how he works, and how he slowly, eventually got over his hatred for JavaScript to become a beloved JavaScript teacher.

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      S1:EP3 – How to teach yourself computer science (Vaidehi Joshi)

      Vaidehi decided to take on a year-long challenge. She'd pick a computer science topic every week, do tons of research and write a technical blog post explaining it in simple terms and beautiful illustrations. And then she actually did it. She tells us about her project, basecs, how it's changed her as a developer, and how she handles the trolls and negativity from people who don't appreciate her work.

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