Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.

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S12:E9 - Introducing DevDiscuss (Penelope Phippen, Ben Halpern, Jess Lee)

DevDiscuss hosts Ben Halpern and Jess Lee speak with Penelope Phippen, director at Ruby Central, about the ways in which tech is failing trans folk and other's who change their name, why this matters, and the ways in which tech can improve as an industry.


 2020-06-08  43m

 2020-05-25  37m

S12:E6 - Why personal projects are so important (Ze Frank)

It's nothing personal, but you should probably have personal projects like Ze Frank, former president of Buzzfeed Motion Pictures, and creator of the massively popular website,


 2020-05-18  43m

 2020-05-11  42m

S12:E4 - How no-code tools can help your coding (David Hoang)

Code and no-code isn't mutually exclusive


 2020-05-04  33m

S12:E8 - How to harness privilege to create equitable design (Aubrey Blanche)

We should all be doing more to make the tech space more fair and equitable


 2020-05-01  48m

S12:E3 - How to hack legally and penetrate the security field (Karen Miller)

If you try, even you can hack it...just do it legally.


 2020-04-27  42m

S12:E2 - What is COBOL and should you learn it (Pete Dashwood)

We dig into whether COBOL should be added to your coding toolbox


 2020-04-20  34m

S12:E1 - What is vanilla JS and how can it help you ( Chris Ferdinandi)

In terms of JavaScript, being vanilla isn't necessarily a bad thing


 2020-04-13  42m

S11:E8 - How to not let imposter syndrome hold you back (Allen Whearry)

Imposter syndrome is a real thing, but you don't have to let it control you.


 2020-03-16  42m