Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.



      S5:E8 - From musician to developer (Chad Fowler)

      Before Chad was a technical author, developer, speaker, and investor, he was a professional musician. He shares how he got into coding and built an incredible tech career.



      S5:E7 - What's an Indie Hacker? (Courtland Allen)

      How do you become an Indie Hacker? And how good of a coder do you need to be to become an Indie Hacker full time? Courtland shares lessons he's gathered over the years on what it takes to live off of a product you build yourself.



      S5:E6 - How do you build a robot in JavaScript? (Rachel White)

      Rachel spends her free time building robots, creating hardware art, and making silicone molds of her friends' faces. She shares how she was first introduced to the hardware world and breaks down what a simple hardware project looks like.



      S5:E5 - How To Figure Out What’s Next In Your Coding Career (Jarvis Johnson)

      Jarvis talks about transitioning from engineer to engineering manager, how he thinks about his career, and why, although being a developer can be wonderful, it may not be everything you think it'll be.



      S5:E4 - Learning to code with technical books (Katel LeDû)

      Katel LeDû, CEO of A Book Apart, shares how to get the most out of a coding book, the benefits of reading technical books, and how she went from a career in photography to running a technical publishing house.



      S5:E3 - From teacher to developer (Dan Piston)

      It took about five years before Dan landed his dream coding job. He shares the many ups and downs of his coding journey.


       2018-08-20  42m

      S5:E2 - What is quality engineering? (Rocio Montes)

      Intuit engineer, Rocio Montes, guides us through the world of quality, and shares why she's so passionate about quality engineering.


       2018-08-13  36m

      S5:E1 - What is open source hardware? (Suz Hinton)

      Suz Hinton introduces us to the world of open source hardware. She shares interesting projects, both artistic and functional, and breaks down the steps it takes to create a hardware product.


       2018-08-06  44m

      S4:E8 - What’s it like to be the CTO of Microsoft? (Kevin Scott)

      Kevin Scott tells us all about his day-to-day, how he ended up as the CTO of Microsoft, and shares his thoughts on the value of computer science degrees.


       2018-06-12  38m

      S4:E7 - How to teach when you’re not an expert (Angela Andrews)

      Angela Andrews hosted her first coding workshop at her dining room table. Since then, she's hosted a number of coding workshops. She shares how she puts on these workshops and how being a newbie herself has helped her be a better teacher.


       2018-06-04  38m