Coffee Break German

Learn German with Thomas and Mark; pick up cultural tips from Cultural Correspondent Julia, and get to grips with the patterns of the language with our Grammar Guru Kirsten.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 33m. Bisher sind 107 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast

episode 10: CBG Mag 1.10 | Berlins berühmteste Straße

We've reached the final episode in this season of the Coffee Break German Magazine. Join Andrea and Mark for one last time as they discuss Berlin's most famous street. We also hear from listener, Andrew who is looking for some tips on pronunc...


 2020-01-24  36m

episode 9: CBG Mag 1.09 | Richard Strauss

Andrea, Olivera and Mark are back with a new episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine. This episode focuses on the German composer Richard Strauss and his works. Our phone-in question from listener Anu deals with learning more than one language at a...


 2020-01-10  43m

episode 8: CBG Mag 1.08 | 300 Jahre Liechtenstein

In this episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine we're heading to the Principality of Liechtenstein, sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland. Europe's fourth-smallest country it's one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the ...


 2019-12-06  43m

episode 8: CBG Special: Black Friday Sale - Save 40% on all Coffee Break courses

This is a special announcement for listeners to all Coffee Break Languages podcasts. It's Black Friday weekend and we're having a sale. We haven't offered any discounts since last November, so this is the perfect opportunity to take adva...


 2019-11-30  4m

episode 7: CBG Mag 1.07 | Entdecke die Bremer Stadtmusikanten

Have you heard the one about the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster? In this episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine we're finding out about the famous Town Musicians of Bremen. First published in Grimms' Fairy Tales in 1819, Die Br...


 2019-11-22  42m

episode 6: CBG 1.06 | Die unendlichen Geschichten von Michael Ende

In this latest episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine we're focusing on the author Michael Ende who wrote one of the most famous works of fiction for younger readers, the Neverending Story, among other books. Find out more about Ende and his ...


 2019-11-08  45m

episode 5: CBG 1.05 | Der Rheinfall ist kein Reinfall

For this episode we're heading to northern Switzerland, the location of the impressive Rheinfall waterfall. You'll learn all about this natural wonder and practise your German at the same time. Andrea also answers a question from listener Ade...


 2019-10-25  37m

episode 4: CBG 1.04 | Ein bisschen Schlager muss sein

We have a musical episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine for you today: our theme is Schlager, an immensely popular style of music with catchy melodies and happy-go-lucky lyrics. Find out more about this cultural phenomenon, and learn about reflex...


 2019-10-12  40m

episode 3: CBG Mag 1.03 | Das Leben der Trümmerfrauen

Following the events of World War 2, the monumental task of clearing and reconstructing towns and cities fell to the Trümmerfrauen, literally "rubble women". In this episode of the Coffee Break German Magazine we'll look at this fascinat...


 2019-09-27  46m

episode 2: CBG Mag 1.02 | Spaß im Wiener Prater

In episode 2 of the Coffee Break German we're heading to the Austrian capital, Vienna, where the world-famous Wiener Prater is to be found. This former hunting ground has become the hub of entertainment for Viennese families. As usual Mark and And...


 2019-09-13  41m