Coffee Break German

Learn German with Thomas and Mark; pick up cultural tips from Cultural Correspondent Julia, and get to grips with the patterns of the language with our Grammar Guru Kirsten.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 33m. Bisher sind 107 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint jede zweite Woche

episode 33: CBG 2.33 | Lasst uns ein bisschen feiern

In this lesson you'll listen to the latest instalment of our soap opera in which we get to know a new character, Carola's friend Hannah. She and Phillip hit it off immediately. Andrea is on hand to help Mark - and you - understand the tricky ...


 2018-10-01  24m

episode 32: CBG 2.32 | Ich suche einen Job als Kellner

In lesson 32 of Coffee Break German Season 2, you'll listen to the next instalment of our soap opera. In this episode Phillip is looking for a part-time job and Miriam suggests that he tries to find a job in a local pub. We also meet Alex who work...


 2018-09-17  22m

episode 31: CBG 2.31 | Ich miete in der Wohnung ein Zimmer

In lesson 31 of Coffee Break German Season 2, Andrea and Mark present the first episode of our radio play. You'll meet the characters Miriam, Carola and Phillip who are sharing a flat together in Munich. Having listened to the radio play you'...


 2018-09-04  24m

episode 30: CBG 2.30 | Review Lesson

Welcome to the 30th lesson in the season and it's time for some review. You won't believe how much you've learned in lessons 21-29, and in this episode Andrea and Mark will be reviewing topics such as Wechselpräpositionen, relative prono...


 2018-05-28  41m

episode 29: Lesson 29 - Fährst du in die Schweiz, oder fährst du in der Schweiz?

Coffee Break German Season 2 is all about helping you "tighten up" your German, and this episode addresses one of the trickiest aspects of German for learners. You're already familiar with prepositions, and you're already familiar w...


 2018-05-14  37m

episode 28: CBG 2.28 | Deutschschüler sind Leute, die Deutsch lernen

Coffee Break German is the course which teaches you German. Andrea is the teacher who helps Mark learn. You are the student who is learning along with Mark, and this is the lesson in which...


 2018-04-23  36m

episode 27: CBG 2.27 | Wir sollten wirklich nach Zürich fahren

In this lesson we're dealing with what, on the surface, seems like a tricky topic: the use of the verb sollen. We'll learn to use the verb in the Present and Präteritum, and we'll learn about the subtle differences of using each...


 2018-04-16  26m

episode 26: CBG 2.26 | Kommst du jeden Dienstag mit dem Fahrrad zur Deutschklassen?

In this lesson we're tackling a tricky subject for learners of German: word order. In particular we're looking at where adverbs come "inside the Verbklammer". For this we'll be introducing you to a new concept: "Tekamolo...


 2018-03-21  39m

episode 25: CBG 2.25 | Ich habe mich sehr gut entspannt

It's time to look at reflexive verbs in the past. In this lesson you'll learn to say what you enjoyed, what you complained about and what you looked forward to, and much more besides! Julia is back with a cultural correspondent segment on an ...


 2018-03-05  38m

episode 24: CBG 2.24 | Wovor fürchtest du dich?

In this episode you'll learn to use reflexive verbs in German. In addition to being able to talk about "washing yourself" and "scratching yourself" (among other things!), you'll also learn to talk about looking forward to ...


 2018-02-20  38m