Coffee Break Italian

With Coffee Break Italian you can learn Italian where and when it suits you. In Season 1, you'll join teacher Mark, learner Katie and native speaker Francesca in our 15-minute lessons, and build your confidence in the language, learning Italian from scratch. Take your learning further with Season 2 in which Mark and Francesca are joined by learner Isla. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Coffee Break Italian Summer 2018 Update

This episode of our podcast features the audio from a recent Facebook Live video in which Mark updates listeners and viewers on the latest news from Coffee Break Italian: - Our main episodes of Season 2 (lessons 31-40) will be published from 10th ...


 2018-08-10  31m

episode 1: Introducing Coffee Break Italian Season 2

Siamo tornati! We're back with a new season of Coffee Break Italian and in this short preview episode Mark and Francesca will be telling you what you can expect to learn in Season 2 which launches 6th February 2017.This season of Coffee Break I...


 2017-02-02  3m

episode 1: CBI 2.01 | Ricominciamo! Using Italian -are verbs

In lesson 1 of Coffee Break Italian Season 2 you'll take the first steps in learning to manipulate the language and say what you want to say! Lesson 1 focuses on regular -are verbs, and you'll learn to conjugate these verbs in the present ten...


 2017-02-06  26m

episode 2: CBI 2.02 | Che cosa fai al fine settimana? Talking about the weekend.

In lesson 2 of Coffee Break Italian Season 2 you'll further your knowledge of -are verbs within the context of talking about what you do at the weekend. Francesca and Mark introduce more -are verbs including some verbs which have spelling changes,...


 2017-02-20  33m

episode 3: CBI 2.03 | A che ora ti alzi? Talking about your daily routine

This episode of Coffee Break Italian will help you talk about the things you do on a regular basis, including aspects of your daily routine. Francesca and Mark introduce the concept of reflexive verbs and you'll learn to conjugate these verbs in t...


 2017-03-06  30m

episode 3: CBI 2.35 | La Mia Estate ep5 - Perché non ci diamo del tu?

It's time for a new episode of Coffee Break Italian, and the latest episode of our soap opera, La Mia Estate. In this instalment Riccardo and Maria are on their way to Vipiteno, but they end up missing the train. Is this a recipe for disaster, or ...


 2018-11-05  30m

episode 4: CBI 2.04 | Dipingo a modo mio ...

In this lesson you'll master regular verbs in the second conjugation, those ending in -ere. You'll have met a few of these verbs before, but this episode gives you the chance to practise these verbs further and understand when to use them. Al...


 2017-03-20  34m

episode 5: CBI 2.05 | Mario pulisce la casa

In this lesson you'll master verbs in the 3rd conjugation - those ending in -ire. There are two groups of these verbs: ones which form their endings as you would expect, and another group which introduce -isc- in the middle of certain forms. You...


 2017-04-03  32m

episode 6: CBI 2.06 | Cosa facciamo stasera?

In this lesson you'll consolidate what you already know about regular -are, -ere and -ire verbs and you'll also review reflexive verbs. One of the most common uses of the present tense is in making arrangements, and in the dialogues of the le...


 2017-04-18  33m

episode 7: CBI 2.07 | Faccio colazione, e poi vado in spiaggia perché fa bello!

This lesson focuses on two very important irregular verbs, andare ("to go") and fare which means "to do" or "to make", but is used in many other expressions. You'll learn to conjugate these verbs and through a series ...


 2017-05-03  33m