Coffee Break Spanish

Learn Spanish in coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native Spanish speakers. Season 1 lessons are for absolute beginners, and the courses increase in difficulty as the seasons progress.386357 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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episode 11: Season 3 – Lesson 11 – Coffee Break Spanish

In episode 11, Mark and Alba talk about the holidays and about their New Year’s Resolutions. Alba presents a review of the film La Lengua de las Mariposas in the intermedio, and José’s topic of the week is paying compliments to people. Grammar points c...


 2011-07-12  25m

episode 12: Season 3 – Lesson 12 – Coffee Break Spanish

In episode 12, Mark and Alba get all poetic as they celebrate the 250th anniversary of el poeta nacional de Escocia, Robert Burns. Alba learns some Scots and in return she teaches Mark a poem by Spanish poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. The intermedio inclu...


 2011-07-15  24m

episode 13: Season 3 – Lesson 13 – Coffee Break Spanish

In episode 13, Mark and Alba discuss social networks including Facebook and Twitter and their value for language-learning. In addition, in this week’s intermedio, José discusses effective ways to say you’ve had enough of something, and Alba talks about...


 2011-07-19  25m

episode 14: Season 3 – Lesson 14 – Coffee Break Spanish

In episode 14, Mark and Alba are joined by David, el novio de Alba. Topics discussed include Galicia (the region of Spain where David is from), St Valentine’s day, romantic Spanish and the imperfect subjunctive. In this week’s intermedio, Alba talks ab...


 2011-07-22  27m

episode 15: Season 3 – Lesson 15 – Coffee Break Spanish

Episode 15 features the third installment of our ‘telenovela’, Verano Español. Find out the latest about the life of Laura and her mother as they spend the summer in Spain en la casa de tía Julia. How will Laura cope on her first day in her new job at ...


 2011-07-26  28m

episode 16: Season 3 – Lesson 16 – Coffee Break Spanish

Episode 16 features a conversation between Alba and Mark about what they’ve been doing since they last saw each other. Grammar points covered include possessive pronouns, and uses of the subjunctive. This week’s intermedio features a presentat...


 2011-07-29  24m

episode 17: Season 3 – Lesson 17 – Coffee Break Spanish

This episode is dedicated to all fans of the imperfect subjunctive… and to those of you who are terrified of it! After listening to Mark and Alba’s discussion about all things hypothetical, you’ll be 100% confident in using the Spanish imperfect subjun...


 2011-08-02  22m

episode 18: Season 3 – Lesson 18 – Coffee Break Spanish

In episode 18 of Coffee Break Spanish Season 3, Mark and Alba talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying things online, and share their experience, both positive and negative. In this week’s intermedio, Alba presents the city of Granada in t...


 2011-08-05  24m

episode 19: Season 3 – Lesson 19 – Coffee Break Spanish

In this week’s episode, Mark and Alba discuss some useful techniques for learning languages and share their ideas and advice with listeners. In the intermedio Alba talks about the northern Spanish city of Bilbao, and José introduces a...


 2011-08-09  27m

episode 20: Season 3 – Lesson 20 – Coffee Break Spanish

Episode 20 features the fourth installment of our telenovela, Verano Español. Find out the latest about the life of Laura and her mother as they spend the summer in Spain en la casa de tía Julia. Will Laura find out a little more about the mystery cust...


 2011-08-12  24m