Coffee Break Spanish

Learn Spanish in coffee-break lessons from the Radio Lingua Network. In each lesson we'll focus on the language you need to know and before long you'll be making yourself understood with native Spanish speakers. Season 1 lessons are for absolute beginners, and the courses increase in difficulty as the seasons progress.386357 See for privacy and opt-out information.

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episode 8: CBS 4.08 | Tengo los pelos de punto - ¡no me lo puedo creer!

In this episode we listen to María’s latest diary entry in which she recounts a conversation she has had with her father in which she learns more about the history of her family. As usual the episode is rich in idiomatic expressions and complex grammat...


 2015-05-29  12m

episode 9: CBS 4.09 | Tu castellano mejoró un montón, ¡sos una fiera!

In the latest episode in our series we eavesdrop on a phone call between Rory and his Argentinian friend Alejandro who is on holiday in Spain and wants to come over to Mallorca to see Rory and to meet María. The episode is rich in idiomatic expressions...


 2015-06-10  12m

episode 10: CBS 4.10 | Tenemos todo el verano por delante

In episode 10 of Coffee Break Spanish Season 4, María and Rory are looking forward to the future and talking about their studies and their possible plans for further travelling. They also discuss Alejandro’s visit. As usual there are many exam...


 2015-06-24  8m

episode 11: CBS 4.11 | Decidido, ¡haré mi primera inmersión!

In episode 11 of Coffee Break Spanish Season 4, we read María’s diary entry about the latest events in Mallorca. Rory has arranged for his friend Alejandro to stay in Consuelo’s hotel, and we find out about the preparations which Rory must undertake ah...


 2015-08-05  13m

episode 12: CBS 4.12 | ¡Deseo concedido!

In episode 12 of Coffee Break Spanish Season 4, we listen in on a conversation between Rory and María. Rory has been cleaning the attic in Consuelo’s hotel in preparation for Alejandro’s arrival and he’s not having much fun. María arrives to help. As u...


 2015-08-20  11m

episode 13: CBS 4.13 | A mí no me digas nada… ¡tengo un hambre que no veo!

In episode 13 of Coffee Break Spanish Season 4, we hear the continuation of the conversation between María and Rory as they clean the attic ahead of Alejandro’s arrival and discover something which will play an important role in the story moving forwar...


 2015-09-06  11m

episode 14: CBS 4.14 | Espero que mis palabras te encuentren con buena salud

In this latest episode of Coffee Break Spanish Season 4 we join María and Rory as they read the first of the love letters they’ve discovered in the attic. We’re immediately transported to 1949 when María’s grandparents were engaged and start to build a...


 2015-09-18  12m

episode 15: CBS 4.15 | Me hizo muchísima ilusión recibir tu carta

In this lesson of Coffee Break Spanish we listen to Carmen’s response to the letter of Jesús which we read in the last episode. This provides a further opportunity to look at a different, more formal, style of language which is rich in expressions and ...


 2015-10-07  13m

episode 16: CBS 4.16 | Corrí como si me persiguiera el diablo

In this lesson of Coffee Break Spanish we listen to the response from Jesús to Carmen’s latest email. As usual the episode is rich in idiomatic expressions and complex grammar points. Mark and Carmen are on hand to discuss the Spanish used in this epis...


 2015-11-11  13m

episode 17: CBS 4.17 | Menuda historia para no dormir

In the latest lesson of our course, we join Carmen and read her letter which includes further details of the dramatic events which occurred in the Bay of Portals in 1949. As usual the text features many complex grammar points and interesting idiomatic ...


 2015-11-25  13m