The official podcast of Bitcoin crashes. Hosted by Aaron Lammer & Jay Caspian Kang.

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episode 18: #18: 'The Fundamentals Remain Strong' w/ @Ledgerstatus

@Ledgerstatus, the only trader on Twitter that Jay & Aaron trust, returns to the show to talk about why the fundamentals on Bitcoin have never been stronger, the future of altcoins, and how he remains optimistic during downswings. PLUS: The Floyd Mayweather / DJ Khaled -shilled coin Centra is unsurprisingly a scam. Which celebrity ICO promoters would we trust? And a full breakdown of everything we got wrong in our blockchain episodes (thanks to the listener fact checkers out there!)


 2018-04-05  57m

episode 17: #17: It's Like a Mailbag Episode, But Decentralized

Maaaaaaaailbag!!!! Plus the Satoshi Vision Conference and the creepy stuff that's getting logged for eternity into the Bitcoin blockchain.


 2018-03-29  53m

episode 16: #16: The Rise and Fall of Kang & Lammer, America's Worst Crypto Traders

Aaron & Jay got into crypto as the market skyrocketed, then rode the crashes down. Now as they sit near break even, they discuss all the mistakes they made as amateur traders: chasing alt highs, panic selling the bottom, getting swept up in Twitter hype, and generally making the wrong decisions at every juncture.


 2018-03-26  52m

episode 15: #15: 'What's So Great About the Blockchain?' Part 2 — Electric Boogaloo w/ Adrianne Jeffries of the Verge

After failing to internalize the business/humanitarian potential of blockchain technologies in the last episode, Aaron talks to the reporter Adrianne Jeffries of the Verge about her article "Blockchain is Meaningless"


 2018-03-23  44m

episode 14: #14: What's So Great About the Blockchain?

Aaron & Jay try (and fail) to wrap their heads about the blockchain itself and how it could be revolutionary in realms outside currency. Can you believe in the blockchain but not Bitcoin? What do companies like IBM want with blockchain technology? Has anyone actually done anything worthwhile with the blockchain other than issuing coins? Thanks to Adrianne Jeffries whose Verge article '‘BLOCKCHAIN’ IS MEANINGLESS' inspired this episode.


 2018-03-19  41m

episode 13: #13: Coinbase Index Fund / Did Mt. Gox's Japanese Trustee Personally Crash Bitcoin?

Aaron and Jay are back on their bullshit for a late night chat about Coinbase's newly announced Index Fund (which includes a full buffet of the 4 Coinbase coins weighted by market share) and revelations that Mt. Gox's Japanese trustee dumped one of the world's largest cache's of Bitcoin decimating the surging market. Plus a really stupid Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rap video.


 2018-03-10  51m

episode 12: #12: What is an ICO? / Interview with Coin Center's Peter Van Valkenburgh

Jay and Aaron talk about exactly what an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is and how they might be regulated in the future, then interview Peter Van Valkenburg, the director of research at Coin Center which is the"leading non-profit focused on the policy iss


 2018-03-05  1h2m

episode 11: #11: When Strongmen ICO—Nicolás Maduro and the Petro (PTR)

Aaron & Jay try to wrap their heads around yet another scammy ICO—the Petro (PTR) issued by Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro.


 2018-02-28  35m

episode 10: #10: Blockchain News and the Civil Token w/ Popula's Maria Bustillos

Aaron and Jay talk about the Telegram ICO and its TON token, and then bring on Maria Bustillos to talk about the Civil project which aims to bring the blockchain to journalism and includes her Popula publication.


 2018-02-23  1h8m

episode 9: #9: Privacy Coins Explained—A Deep Dive into Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC)...and also SumoKoin

Aaron & Jay go inside the privacy altcoins Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC), exploring why we might need fungible and anonymous currency, and how they differ from Bitcoin and each other. Plus, the role of dark net markets and money laundering in coin adoption


 2018-02-20  57m