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      episode 100: Bye Bendis!

      This week, it's CPOTD's take on Bendis leaving Marvel, and comics and comics tv reviews!


       2017-11-13  1h11m

      episode 99: Android Saves!

      This week, it's Mike's take on Thor: Ragnarok!


       2017-11-13  1h14m

      episode 98: Stop Trek!

      This week, it's a movie/tv review combo, and some comics reviews!


       2017-11-13  53m

      episode 97: There Is No Aquaman!

      This ep, Jim asks, "If an Aquaman is lost where no one can see him, can he be on the cover kicking butt?" Also, we talk about this Inhumans in Imax thing.


       2017-09-16  38m

      episode 96: Ep. 96: Just The Two Of Us

      It's just Jim and Mike tackling a Defenders series review, and more!


       2017-09-16  1h16m

      episode 95: Short-Changing The Dead

      This week on CPOTD, we figure out what's wrong with the ol' Walking Dead coin generator: There's network/production company shenanigans afoot!


       2017-08-21  1h47m

      Jim Gets Angry With Marvel

      Join us on CPOTD this week as Jim takes on Marvel's obsession with social justice themes and diversity worship!


       2017-08-17  1h58m

      episode 93: Virtual Presence Ken vs. Shadow King!

      Virtual Presence Ken arrives (or does he?) just in time to save us from Shadow King!


       2017-08-09  1h16m

      episode 92: Joe's Going On Hiatus!

      Ep. 92: Joe's Going On Hiatus!


       2017-08-09  1h23m

      Now Now Now!

      Join us for the All New, All Different, Comics Podcast Of The Damned NOW!


       2017-07-21  1h25m