Commentary: Trek Stars: The Work of Star Trek Creators Outside of Star Trek

Commentary: Trek Stars is a show from that explores the work of Star Trek creatives beyond the Star Trek franchise. Join Mike Schindler, Max Hegel, and John Mills each week for a trek through the wider world of movies, television, and literature.

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Meyer Part 4: The West End Horror. We discuss how Sherlockians compare to Trekkies, how Meyer’s books stack up against other Holmes pastiches, how the story is used to shed light on various historical characters of the era, and the difficulties of simul


 2013-02-01  33m

Commentary: Trek Stars 12: Professional Fan Fiction

Meyer Part 3: The Seven-Per-Cent Solution. We're joined by John Tenuto to look at Meyer’s first Sherlock Holmes novel, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, the idea of re-writing canon to make it work better, and how the book stacks up against other expanded un


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Commentary: Trek Stars 11: The Larry Nemecek of "Love Story"

Meyer Part 2: Target Practice. We take a look at Meyer’s first novel, Target Practice, discuss its use of time-tested detective fiction conventions, how it utilizes those conventions to tell a modern-day story, and how it fits into Meyer’s overall car


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Commentary: Trek Stars 10: Fresh Eyes

Meyer Part 1: Star Trek. We begin a new series which will look at Nicholas Meyer’s career as a novelist. But first we look at his contribution to the world of Trek.


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Commentary: Trek Stars 9: A Better Person Than Producer

Roddenberry Part 8: Recap. We conclude our look at Gene Roddenberry as a television creator with a recap of his career.


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Commentary: Trek Stars 8: Captain Kercules

Roddenberry Part 7: Andromeda. We discuss which elements originated from Roddenberry and which ones came from Wolfe, whether or not the budgetary limitations were a hindrance, and whether or not Roddenberry would have created the show himself.


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Commentary: Trek Stars 7: Based On an Original Napkin

Roddenberry Part 6: Earth: Final Conflict. We discuss the show’s ever-changing premise, its ever-changing cast, its unrealized potential, the proposed spinoff, the head writer’s other work, how much of the concept was Roddenberry’s, and whether or n


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Commentary: Trek Stars 5: Women's Lib… Gone Mad!

Roddenberry Part 4: Genesis II. We take a look at Genesis II as well as its revised pilot, “Planet Earth” and discuss the show’s similarities to other science fiction of the time period, the portrayal of the main character, the other incarnations of


 2012-12-07  34m

Commentary: Trek Stars 4: Series Finale Beta Testing

Roddenberry Part 3: Assignment: Earth. We discuss what “Assignment: Earth” is and what it would have been, how it differs from Trek’s portrayal of Roddenberry’s world view, how it worked as a self-contained pilot and as an episode of Star Trek.


 2012-11-30  35m

Commentary: Trek Stars 3: Proto-Roddenberry

Roddenberry Part 2: The Lieutenant. We discuss what makes The Lieutenant different from other military shows, how those differences reflect Roddenberry’s world view, how the Vietnam War killed the show, and what the similarities are between The Lieutena


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