Commentary: Trek Stars: The Work of Star Trek Creators Outside of Star Trek

Commentary: Trek Stars is a show from that explores the work of Star Trek creatives beyond the Star Trek franchise. Join Mike Schindler, Max Hegel, and John Mills each week for a trek through the wider world of movies, television, and literature.


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Commentary: Trek Stars 2: The Roddenberry Box

Roddenberry Part 1: Star Trek. We begin a series which looks at the career of Gene Roddenberry as a television creator. Part 1 examines Roddenberry’s work in Star Trek.


 2012-11-16  35m

Commentary: Trek Stars 1: A Play on a Play on Words

The World Beyond Star Trek. Welcome to the very first episode of Commentary: Trek Stars! Join Mike and Max as they take a look at the work of Star Trek creators outside of Trek. In this episode, we tell you who we are and what you can expect from the show


 2012-11-09  32m