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      CREPN #156 - How to Choose a Multifamily Property Manager with Andrew Kroger

      A good multifamily property manager is invaluable to real estate investors. Andrew Kroger is the owner of Peak Property Management and shared with me the characteristics of a good relationship between a property manager and the investor.



      CREPN #155 - Commercial Real Estate Investment Lessons with Paul Moore

      Commercial Real Estate Investment lessons can be costly. An expensive lesson can ruin you. If you are lucky, you learn something and you still have enough time to recover and make your fortune back. Paul Moore, co-host of the podcast, How to Lose Money, talked with me about some of the lessons he has learned from real estate investing and how they have helped to form the real estate investment strategy he employs today.



      CREPN #154 - Limited Partner in a Multifamily Real Estate Syndication with Lane Kawaoka

      Limited Partner, passive investor - Learn how to pick a General Partner.



      CREPN #153 - Building Your Multifamily Syndication Team with Vinney Chopra

      Multifamily Syndication is a team sport.  You will multiply your success when you create a winning team. Vinney Chopra has successfully purchased over 26 multifamily properties through syndication.  In this interview he describes the members you need on your multifamily syndication team for success. Relations at all levels are key to your success in all real estate investing.  For newer syndicators, you can overcome a lot when you have experienced professionals on your team.



      CREPN #152 - Multifamily Due Diligence with Nathan Tabor

      Multifamily due diligence can be a black hole for real estate investors.  Nathan Tabor has learned expensive lessons from flipping multifamily properties.  He shares some lessons and what you can do during due diligence to avoid learning the hard way. Remember, the object is to learn all you can before you close so that you have no surprises.  Here is a short list that every real estate investor can use.


       2018-07-12  47m

      CREPN #151 - Value Add Quick Calc Rent Roll Triangle with John Wilhiot

      The Rent Roll Triangle is a simple underwriting calculation to determine if the property has potential for a value add strategy. John Wilhoit is an experienced asset manager. He takes us through how you can utilize the rent roll triangle so you can determine how the current income of a property compares to its potential.


       2018-07-05  15m

      CREPN #150 - Joint Ventures: The Cheapest, Easiest, Fastest and Safest Way to Do Deals with OPM with Jeff Lerman

      Joint ventures are an option every real estate investor should know.   Growing your real estate portfolio is capital intensive.  Eventually you will run out of your own money. When real estate investors reach this point, you have to look for other people’s money, OPM in order to keep growing. Jeff Lerman, the Real Estate Investors Lawyer, works with real estate investors.  He takes us through the benefits of joint ventures compared to syndication.


       2018-06-28  31m

      CREPN #149 - Why Multifamily Syndication is a Great Option for Real Estate Investors with Vinney Chopra

      Multifamily Syndication is a great option if you are looking to scale your real estate investment strategy. Real estate investing takes tremendous amounts of capital.  When you run out of your own money, do you stop, or try to keep going? Vinney Chopra is an experienced deal sponsor who has purchased over 38 properties through multifamily syndication.  Today, he takes us through the why, what, who, how it works.


       2018-06-21  39m

      CREPN # 148 How Blockchain Technology will Disrupt Real Estate Investing with Joe Snyder

      How will Blockchain Technology disrupt your real estate investing business? Joe Snyder, the CEO of Lannistor Holdings, takes us through what a blockchain is and how it will be used in real estate investing in near future. What is blockchain? The simplest description of a blockchain is: a digital, secure, decentralized ledger which guards against a single point of failure.


       2018-06-14  40m

      CREPN #147 - How to Reduce Your Multifamily Operating Expenses with Jack Howell

      Learn how you can reduce your Multifamily Operating Expenses by using micro water meters.    When you use micro water meters to measure your building water usage, you have instant actionable performance data that you can immediately respond to and correct the leak.  Your ability to timely stop your leak can reduce your operating expense, save money and water.


       2018-06-07  42m