Community Pulse

Community Builders Mary Thengvall, Jason Hand, and PJ Hagerty interview experts in the field of Community Leadership and Management on a broad range of topics related to building community.

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Community Pulse - Episode 60 - Everything in Moderation

One of the most difficult parts of managing a community is ensuring everyone adheres to a universally acceptable system of behavior. With events, there is generally a Code of Conduct that makes it clear what behaviors are acceptable, what behaviors...



episode 59: DevRel Around the World

It’s easy to say that Developer Relations and Community Management is not universal, but sometimes, we focus so much on what is being done in our part of the world that we can forget how things might be different in different places.  In this...



episode 58: Online Community Platforms

Creating a place for your specific community to gather online is a challenge every Developer Relations or Community team is likely going to address at some point, whether it’s because your executive team is asking you to create this space or you see...


 2021-04-16  44m

episode 57: After Pulse - DevRel Content Channels

The hosts sit down to discuss what we've learned from our guests on pushing limits, finding new ways to deliver content, and how the community can benefit from the larger amount of information flowing through the DevRel ecosystem now, and moving forward.


 2021-03-31  15m

episode 57: DevRel Content Channels - What’s hip, What’s cool, What’s, like, so out

What’s hip, What’s cool, What’s, like, so out


 2021-03-19  34m

episode 56: After Pulse - Hiring and Recruiting in the Modern Era

SJ, Jason, Wesley, and PJ sit down to discuss the most recent episode.


 2021-03-01  16m

episode 56: Hiring and Recruiting in the Modern Era

As the number of engineering and developer jobs continues to grow and the skillsets diversify, DevRel has seen a wave of people being let go, followed by a sudden growth in hiring across the tech industry. Taking a look at these trends over the last...


 2021-02-26  44m

After Pulse - Internal vs External DevRel

Hosts Wesley and PJ sit down to talk about Episode 55 and add some thoughts to what was discussed.


 2021-01-25  12m

episode 55: Internal vs. External DevRel

While DevRel holds some universal truths, there is at times a difference between how we handle our external communities as opposed to our internal communities. While we are still bringing people together, some of the approaches and interested parties...


 2021-01-15  41m

episode 54: 2020 Wrap Up

It's been a long year in the world of DevRel! In this episode, our hosts take a look back at 2020, discuss the trends they noticed along a wave of change driven by outside forces, and give their predictions for 2021. Have a chat with Mary, Jason, SJ,...


 2020-12-14  42m