Conservation Chat

Conservation Chat, hosted by anthropologist Jacqueline Comito, is a podcast series that explores the relationship between conservation, soil, water, agriculture, and the people of Iowa. This is accomplished through thoughtful interviews with farmers and rural and urban residents about conservation and water quality in the state. Comito is the Director of Iowa Learning Farms, an Iowa State University Extension and Outreach program that has been building a culture of conservation statewide for over ten years.



      CC 38: Earthworms and Cover Crops with Ann Staudt and Dr. Tom Kaspar

      Researchers Ann Staudt and Dr. Tom Kaspar chat about earthworms and cover crops and their connection to soil health and water quality.


       2018-01-25  40m

      CC 37: Farmer Ben Johnson: Voluntarily Doing Conservation

      Ben Johnson purchased his first farm in northeast Iowa with his brother Andy when he was a sophomore at Iowa State University and has been farming his own land for 20 years. Conservation saves him one of his most valued resources on the farm: time.


       2017-11-29  29m

      CC 36: Sean McMahon and Creating Win-Win Situations for Water Quality Improvement

      Sean McMahon is the Executive Director for the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance. With 20+ years of experience in conservation and agriculture, Sean works with key partners to champion farmer engagement and adoption of practices that improve water...


       2017-10-31  33m

      CC35: Clare Lindahl: "Preaching" Conservation

      Clare Lindahl was recently selected as the chief executive officer for the Soil and Water Conservation Society—the first woman ever to lead this national organization. Prior to this, Clare was the Executive Director for Conservation Districts of Iowa.


       2017-09-30  29m

      episode 34: CC 34: A Whole Farm Approach to Conservation: Farmers Chris Foss and Kristi Heffelmeier

      Chris Foss and his daughter Kristi Heffelmeier farm together in Northeast Iowa. The family is dedicated to improving the soil health of their land and putting in practices that will improve the local creek.


       2017-09-01  36m

      CC 33: Creative Watershed Improvement Projects with Shane Wulf and Joshua Balk

      Shane Wulf and Joshua Balk chat about their creative approaches to watershed improvement projects in their jobs as watershed coordinators for Black Hawk County Soil and Water Conservation District in northeast Iowa.


       2017-07-31  38m

      CC 32: Dr. Eileen Kladivko, Midwest Cover Crops Council

      Eileen Kladivko is a professor of agronomy at Purdue University in Indiana and a founding member of the Midwest Cover Crops Council. Her specific research areas have included tile drainage, cover crops and earthworms. 


       2017-06-29  37m

      CC 31: Dr. Bob Hartzler Chats Weeds and Conservation

      Dr. Bob Hartzler is an ISU agronomy professor and an extension weed specialist. After years of removing milkweed from agricultural fields, he is encouraging its re-establishment in strategic locations to help stop monarch butterfly decline as a part...


       2017-05-30  29m

      CC 30: Sharon Krause, Owner and Operator of Dalla Terra Ranch

      Sharon Krause is the owner and operator of Dalla Terra Ranch, a grass fed organic lamb operation in Madison County, Iowa. A native Iowan, Sharon is passionate about lambs, healthy lands and her local community.


       2017-04-24  37m

      CC 29: Adam Janke: ISU Extension Wildlife Specialist

      In this episode, I chat with Dr. Adam Janke, Assistant Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist at Iowa State University. His focus is on strengthening wildlife conservation in working landscapes in Iowa.


       2017-03-31  29m