Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot

Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot is an interfaith interview show, featuring experts from all religions and worldviews, but focusing on the divide between Christianity and atheism.

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070: Ron Mallon - Experimental Ethics

Ron Mallon discusses experimental ethi


 2010-10-03  55m

069: Nathan Nobis – Moral Realism and Animals

Nathan Nobis and I debate moral realism, and then discuss the ethical treatment of animals.


 2010-09-29  54m

068: Matt Jordan - A Defense of Theistic Ethics

Matt Jordan discusses the criteria for an adequate moral theory, and explains the advantages of theism over naturalism when it comes to morality.


 2010-09-26  58m

067: Robin Hanson - Overcoming Bias

Robin Hanson discusses how to overcome our biases.


 2010-09-22  41m

066: Andrew Chignell – Debating the Ethics of Belief

Andrew Chignell discusses the problem of infant suffering for theism, and also the ethics of belief.


 2010-09-19  1h8m

065: John Caputo - Postmodernism and Religion

John Caputo discusses postmodernism and religion.


 2010-09-15  55m

064: Zachary Moore - How to Build Atheist Communities

Zachary Moore discusses his experience at the head of two atheist organizations and offers his advice on how to build and maintain a successful atheist community.


 2010-09-12  1h4m

063: John Doris - Does Moral Character Exist?

John Doris discusses the possibility that we may not, after all, have much of anything like a robust moral character.


 2010-09-05  38m

062: Eric Steinhart - Dawkins and Theism

Eric Steinhart discusses Richard Dawkins' central argument for atheism, NeoPlatonic theology vs. Biblical theology, and also a naturalistic theory of resurrection.


 2010-08-29  44m

061: Paul Almond - Why God is a Terrible Explanation for Anything

Paul Almond discusses why 'God did it' is such a terrible explanation for cosmology, design, or anything else.


 2010-08-22  44m