Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot

Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot is an interfaith interview show, featuring experts from all religions and worldviews, but focusing on the divide between Christianity and atheism.

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023: James Spiegel - How Immorality Leads to Atheism

I interview James Spiegel about his book: 'The Making of an Atheist: How Immorality Leads to Unbelief.'


 2010-02-28  27m

022: Roger Trigg - Religion in the Public Square

I interview Roger Trigg about religion in the public square.


 2010-02-25  53m

021: Ruth Chang - What is Morality?

I interview moral philosopher Ruth Chang about contemporary meta-ethics.


 2010-02-22  1h41m

020: James Sennett - The Renaissance of Christian Philosophy

I interview Christian philosopher James Sennett about the religious inclusivism of C.S. Lewis, the renaissance of Christian philosophy, and natural theology vs. the theology of nature.


 2010-02-21  41m

019: Kevin Timpe - God and Free Will

I interview Christian philosopher Kevin Timpe about God, free will, philosophy, and theology.


 2010-02-17  23m

018: Erik Baldwin - Plantinga and Pluralism

I interview philosopher Erik Baldwin about the three stages of Alvin Plantinga's career, and how religious pluralism poses a challenge to Plantinga's epistemology.


 2010-02-14  23m

017: Matt McCormick - Theism and Double Standards

I interview philosopher of religion Matt McCormick about philosophical atheism.


 2010-02-10  35m

016: Andrei Buckareff - Belief, Acceptance, and Panentheism

I interview philosopher of religion Andrei Buckareff about acceptance, belief, knowledge, and pantheism.


 2010-02-07  46m

015: Wes Morriston - God, Genocide, Craig, and Infinity

I interview Christian philosopher Wes Morriston about God, Genocide, William Lane Craig's Kalam Cosmological Argument, and the nature of infinity.


 2010-01-23  47m

014: Brian Hayden - Prehistoric Religion

I interview archaeologists and expert on prehistoric religion Brian Hayden.


 2010-01-20  57m