Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot

Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot is an interfaith interview show, featuring experts from all religions and worldviews, but focusing on the divide between Christianity and atheism.

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013: Richard Otte - Evil and Miracles

I interview philosopher of religion Richard Otte about the problem of evil, Plantinga's free will defense, and Hume's argument against miracles.


 2010-01-11  47m

012: Nick Trakakis - The End of Philosophy of Religion

I interview Nick Trakakis about the problem of evil and other issues in philosophy of religion.


 2010-01-02  52m

011: Graham Oppy - Contemporary Atheism

I interview Graham Oppy about the current state of philosophical atheism.


 2009-12-06  36m

010: Jessica Pierce - Animal Morality

I interview Jessica Pierce about her book "Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals."


 2009-11-14  36m

009: Don Loeb - Moral Irrealism

I interview ethical philosopher Don Loeb about moral irrealism.


 2009-10-28  1h14m

008: Stephen Finlay - The Error in the Error Theory

I interview ethical philosopher Stephen Finlay about his 2008 journal article "The Error in the Error Theory."


 2009-10-11  1h22m

007: Gregory Dawes - Theism and Explanation

I interview Gregory Dawes about his book, 'Theism and Explanation.'


 2009-05-15  42m

006: Evan Fales - Reformed Epistemology

I interview atheist philosopher Evan Fales, an expert on the reformed epistemology of Christian philosophers like Alvin Plantinga and William Alston.


 2009-04-27  42m

005: Alonzo Fyfe - Desire Utilitarianism

I interview Alonzo Fyfe about his ethical theory, desire utilitarianism.


 2009-04-18  1h30m

004: Mark van Steenwyk - Missional Christianity

I interview Mark van Steenwyk, leader of a non-violent Christianity community. Mark mentored me during the last year of my Christian life.


 2009-02-01  39m