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Outposts — what Dan found at the ends of the Earth

Dan Richards follows his curiosity to some of the most remote habitable places in the world including an Icelandic cabin and a monastery high in the mountains of Japan



Vika and Linda Bull — on song and in harmony

Hearing their Tongan mother’s powerful voice rise above the congregation in church, primed Vika and Linda for a life in song. Their distinctive harmonies and dazzling energy have seen them grace stages and studios for thirty five years 



The girl from Kilkivan

In the midst of Lisa Millar's brilliant career as a journalist, she found herself in the grip of aviophobia, a crippling fear of flying (R)



Opium everywhere — on the trail of the 'Milk of Paradise'

Historian Lucy Inglis on humankind's greatest painkiller and how its trade and cultivation are threaded through the story of civilisation, and the lives of every one of us


 2020-06-10  1h0m

The comic genius of Jennifer Saunders

The co-creator of Absolutely Fabulous says her success rests on a series of happy accidents and calls herself an extreme procrastinator (R)


 2020-06-09  52m

Conspiracy theories and me

When Danna Young's husband Mike received a terrible diagnosis, she found herself drawn to conspiracy theories in the search to find someone, or something to blame


 2020-06-08  46m

Hannah Gadsby and the point of no return

The Australian comedian on Nanette, her 'farewell' to stand up comedy; being diagnosed with high-functioning autism as an adult; and on Douglas, the show and the dog


 2020-06-05  1h0m

Pasi Sahlberg — making school the happiest place to be

When Pasi was a boy he would sneak into his father's empty schoolroom in northern Finland and pretend to be a teacher. Now he's one of the world's leading voices in education, encouraging schools to help kids find their passion in life, and to follow it


 2020-06-04  50m

Talking magpies, grieving tawny frogmouths and canny galahs

Gisela Kaplan fell under the spell of birds when she hand-reared a magpie nestling. When it learned to speak, she was so intrigued she switched careers to study avian behaviour. Her books on Australian native birds have been ground-breaking (R)


 2020-06-03  52m

Voicing velociraptors and capturing the dawn chorus — the soundscapes of Douglas Quin

Meet a sound designer and naturalist who makes making field recordings all over the Earth. He then puts them to use in soundscapes for film and television, galleries, museums and apps (R)


 2020-06-02  1h0m