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episode 92: Emily St. John Mandel on Fact, Fiction, and the Familiar

How film and literature can help us navigate reality.



episode 91: Ross Douthat on Decadence and Dynamism

What social forces are trending toward stagnation—and how can we stop them?



episode 90: Russ Roberts and Tyler on COVID-19

Tyler and Russ Roberts joined forces for a special livestreamed conversation on COVID-19. How are they both adjusting to social isolation?



episode 89: John McWhorter on Linguistics, Music, and Race (Live at Mason)

Who can you ask about the Great American Songbook, the finer Jell-O flavors, and peculiar languages like Saramaccan all while expecting the same kind of fast, thoughtful, and energetic response? Listeners of Lexicon Valley know the answer.


 2020-03-04  1h18m

episode 88: Garett Jones on Democracy (More or Less)

And, as always, what can we learn from Singapore?


 2020-02-26  56m

episode 87: Tim Harford on Persuasion and Popular Economics

Why storytelling is still underrated.


 2020-02-12  59m

episode 86: Ezra Klein on Why We’re Polarized

Ezra’s written his first book! But is the publishing of it overrated?


 2020-01-22  1h10m

episode 85: Reid Hoffman on Systems, Levers, and Quixotic Quests

Have someone named “Quixotic” on your network? It might be Reid Hoffman.


 2020-01-15  1h0m

episode 84: Slavoj Žižek on His Stubborn Attachment to Communism

Why not leave the label behind and join Tyler at a Singapore food stall?


 2020-01-08  1h26m

episode 83: Abhijit Banerjee on Theory, Practice, and India

Tyler’s former grad school classmate has made quite a name for himself.


 2019-12-30  1h2m