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Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h2m. Bisher sind 74 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


episode 65: Margaret Atwood on Canada, Writing, and Invention

Turns out, Canada is really big.



episode 64: Ed Boyden on Minding your Brain

Ed Boyden builds the tools and technologies that help us think about the brain, an organ we still know surprisingly little about.


 2019-04-10  1h3m

episode 63: Emily Wilson on Translations and Language

The literary translator's toolkit must include pen, paper, various dictionaries, a big desk, and a huge orange cat.


 2019-03-20  56m

episode 62: Raghuram Rajan on Understanding Community

What does the certified electrical engineer, turned economist think about the three pillars of our society?


 2019-03-13  56m

episode 61: Sam Altman on Loving Community, Hating Coworking, and the Hunt for Talent

He's renowned for assessing talent - so would he fund Peter Parker? How about Bruce Wayne?


 2019-02-27  1h8m

episode 60: Jordan Peterson on Mythology, Fame, and Reading People

And what the Intellectual Dark Web gets wrong.


 2019-02-13  53m

episode 59: Noel Johnson and Mark Koyama on *Persecution and Toleration*

How did religious freedom emerge - and why did it arrive so late?


 2019-01-30  1h16m

episode 58: Larissa MacFarquhar on Getting Inside Someone's Head

One of the best profile writers working today shares what motivates her work.


 2019-01-16  1h0m

episode 57: Rebecca Kukla on Moving through and Responding to the World

Philosophers and comedians have almost the same job.


 2019-01-02  1h0m

episode 56: Daniel Kahneman on Cutting Through the Noise

You might be surprised by what occupies Daniel Kahneman's thoughts these days.


 2018-12-19  1h9m