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The Cooper & Anthony Show podcast brings you the advice on the complex topics of sex and relationships you’ve been searching for.  Hosts Dr. Cooper Lawrence, a developmental psychologist and veteran Radio Personality Anthony Michaels, will tell us what we may not want to hear, but need to hear when it comes to the navigating the shifting sands of sex and relationship.  With a vulnerable, honest, and self-deprecating take on these issues, The Cooper & Anthony Show is sure to become one of your "must listen to” podcasts.    Visit their site: Tune into The Cooper & Anthony Show weeknights on:  96K Rock/Fort Myers - 98.7 The Shark/Tampa - X107.5 Xtreme Radio/Las Vegas -

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episode 95: Hiking and Beer

A Virginia brewing company is looking to fill its 2021 Chief Hiking Officer.  What does that job entail? Hiking the 2,000+ miles of the Appalachian Trail. It stretches from Georgia all the way up to Maine.

The Devils Backbone Brewing Company posted the position on its website, which describes it as “We’ll outfit our CHO with gear, fly ‘em to the trail head, and throw some big ol’ beer parties along the way. Plus, there’s a $20k stipend.”  More at


 2020-06-22  3m

episode 94: Dating The Younger Girls

They've been dating for three years.

And, Leonardo DiCaprio 45, and Camila Morrone were joined by friends to celebrate her 23rd birthday with a Western-themed party aboard a mega yacht, on Friday.

The Titanic star and his girlfriend, 23, sported cowboy hats as they arrived for the lavish festivities on the 141ft Leight Star super yacht.  More at


 2020-06-22  7m

episode 93: White House Press Conference

Today's white house press conference, had one of the best questions to Kayleigh McEnany.  More at


 2020-06-20  5m

episode 91: Dedicated To Fathers

With Father's Day this weekend, we feature comedian Jim Jefferies on one of the realities of Father's Day.  (For many, it's dad's money paying for their own gifts.)

And a montage of things you will never hear your father say.  More at


 2020-06-20  2m

episode 91: 90's Music Phase

We started off the show tonight with Seven Mary Three "Cumbersome" and then slipped into a 90's music phase of great songs.  More at


 2020-06-20  6m

episode 90: Lisa Rinna Nude

Lisa Rinna bared it all for a new modeling gig.

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, 56, posed completely nude except for a black pair of sunglasses in an eyewear campaign for Christian Cowan X Le Specs sunglasses.

She posted the images Thursday on social media and shocked her family.  More at


 2020-06-20  3m

episode 89: Which Is The Hardest Year Of Parenting?

Some will argue that it’s the very first year of life. It’s hazing that brings new parents to their knees: shock therapy for the 18 years ahead.

That’s when parenting is most demanding, some say — in those around-the-clock, blurry days and nights.

But, there’s a reason the next year is called the “Terrible Twos” — a time of meltdowns, the oft-repeated ‘No!’ and high-speed chases, always potentially damaging to body and property.  More at


 2020-06-20  4m

episode 88: Ketchup On Different Foods

Do You Put Ketchup on Your Fries, Hot Dogs, Eggs, Grilled Cheese, or Pasta? A new survey asked people if they put ketchup on a bunch of different foods.  85% put it on hot dogs . . . 83% on fries . . . 29% on eggs . . . 21% on grilled cheese . . . and 9% on pasta.  More at


 2020-06-20  4m

episode 87: Dating Cushioning

Cushioning is the latest disposable dating term – and it’s all about keeping your options open. But what exactly is cushioning and what impact will it have on your love life? We investigate.  More at

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 2020-06-19  7m

episode 86: Give Driving The Finger

What percentage of people do bad things behind the wheel?  Like giving other drivers the finger, or tailgating?  More at

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 2020-06-19  4m