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The Cooper & Anthony Show podcast brings you the advice on the complex topics of sex and relationships you’ve been searching for.  Hosts Dr. Cooper Lawrence, a developmental psychologist and veteran Radio Personality Anthony Michaels, will tell us what we may not want to hear, but need to hear when it comes to the navigating the shifting sands of sex and relationship.  With a vulnerable, honest, and self-deprecating take on these issues, The Cooper & Anthony Show is sure to become one of your "must listen to” podcasts.    Visit their site: Tune into The Cooper & Anthony Show weeknights on:  96K Rock/Fort Myers - 98.7 The Shark/Tampa - X107.5 Xtreme Radio/Las Vegas -

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episode 1: There Is Never Any Good News

For the past 12 months, all the news seems to be bad, is there any good news?  More at


 2020-12-31  7m

episode 2: Highest Rated TV Of 2020

What were the top rated shows of 2020, on network TV?  More at


 2020-12-31  5m

episode 3: Woman Busts Bumble

One Bumble user was busted — for posting what were deemed to be illicit pics of herself wearing a bra on the female-favored dating app.

Earlier this month, 31-year-old artist Cali Rockowitz posted a photo showing off her toned body in a black bralette and sweatpants while splattered in white paint and posing with her hands on the floor in front of a canvas. The PG-13 pics were immediately taken down since they were shot indoors, which violates the dating site’s policy...


 2020-12-31  5m

episode 4: Justin Bieber Preacher

Justin Bieber reportedly studying to be a minister for Hillsong church.  More at


 2021-01-01  5m

episode 5: Annual List Of Nuisance 911 Calls

Complaints about food delivery No. 1 on annual list of nuisance 911 calls.  More at


 2021-01-01  6m

episode 6: Attack Squirrels In Queens

Residents of a Queens neighborhood are dealing with a squirrely threat. Several people in the New York City borough's Rego Park neighborhood say an aggressive squirrel has jumped on them and bitten them in the past several weeks.  More at


 2021-01-01  4m

episode 7: Cheated On Me In My Dreams, That's A Stabbin'

Lindsey Stephens, 33, of Moselle was charged with domestic aggravated assault after stabbing her husband “multiple times in the back” early Sunday morning.

Deputies with the Jones County Sheriff’s Office report that Stephens said “she had a dream that her husband had been cheating” and wound up going to the kitchen, getting a knife and stabbing him several times.  More at


 2021-01-02  5m

episode 8: Jada Pinkett Smith States She Does Not Lend Money

Jada Pinkett Smith says she won't lend money to her friends and family: 'I'm not trying to have fallouts over money' More at


 2021-01-02  7m

episode 9: Bachelorette Party Games

Cooper found a new bachelorette party game, and Anthony has an idea how to combine a bachelor party and bachelorette party.  More at


 2021-01-02  6m

episode 10: It Happened On TV New Years Eve

Couple things happened on live TV last night for New Years Eve.  More at


 2021-01-02  8m