Core Intuition

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

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Episode 373: The Two Dollar Referral

Daniel talks to Manton about his experience adding MarsEdit to the Setapp subscription software service, and connects it to a general thrust of trying new things to expand his indie business revenues. They talk through a number of issues relating to Setapp, and delve again into questions about balancing efforts invested into development vs. other activities such as marketing.



Episode 372: Tech Support For All Problems

Manton checks in with Daniel's impression of his Amazon Echo after finally cracking it open. They compare and contrast with the HomePod/Siri experience. In response to a listener question, they talk about the tradeoffs of being publicly accessible to users, and the impact that has on free time for "real work." Finally, they talk a little bit about "bad customer behavior” when it comes to support inquiries.



Episode 371: Time’s Gonna Fly

Daniel and Manton continue looking forward to expected WWDC announcements, while also keeping their hopes and dreams in check. They discuss Steve Troughton-Smith's adaptation of several 3rd-party iOS apps to Marzipan. They explore the changes Apple might make to iOS APIs to allow for more automated compliance with Mac UI standards. Finally, Daniel still hasn’t opened his Amazon Echo, and Manton wishes he had an in-car Alexa device.



Episode 370: Just Fix It And Ship

Manton and Daniel talk about keeping in the indie software release habit even while much of your time is taking up by a "day job." They discuss the merit of optimizing release workflows to remove friction from shipping. Manton talks about's great new window resizing ability, and Daniel gives him an inordinately hard time about this one little limitation.



Episode 369: Little Steps In The Right Direction

Daniel and Manton react to a 9to5 article detailing purported changes coming in iOS 13. They weigh the significance of multi-window support on the iPad, and what it means for Marzipan and the future of the Mac. Daniel anticipates using his unopened Amazon Echo, getting the two off on a discussion about Siri's continuing shortcomings, and whether WWDC will bring any major new updates to the technology.


 2019-04-19  42m

Episode 368: Everybody Has A Story

Manton and Daniel catch up after Manton's road trip to the Peers Conference in New Orleans, and his simultaneous launch of a major new video upload and hosting service for Daniel talks about his efforts so far to balance the time demands of his indie software development with his new full-ish time job...


 2019-04-11  48m

Episode 367: This Is Impossible

Daniel and Manton talk about Apple's cancellation of AirPower as a rare example of Apple failing to deliver on a high profile product. They compare with more fraudulent examples of vaporware such as the medical products promised by Theranos. Manton hints at a new feature coming to that will require simultaneous updates to all his apps at once.


 2019-04-07  41m

Episode 366: We Kind Of Weren’t Surprised

Manton and Daniel react to Apple’s March Special Event. They question the merit of Apple Card with it’s higher-than-expected interest rates. They weigh the benefits of a closed system like Apple News versus the completely free web. They talk about Apple Arcade, how it will impact existing game developers, and whether it will take precedence over the current Games category...


 2019-03-27  34m

Episode 365: A Pretty Big Update

Daniel talks to Manton about shipping a substantial MarsEdit update in the wake of being busy at his new job. They talk a little bit about one of the features MarsEdit now supports, and how MarsEdit still needs to support a jumble of loosely related blogging APIs. Manton talks about shipping Sunlit 2.4 with a redesigned posting interface...


 2019-03-21  37m

Episode 364: The Normal Job Part Of It

Manton catches up on Daniel's impressions after working the first few days at his new job, which is a “perfect fit” in many ways. They react to Spotify's "Time to Play Fair" public challenge to Apple, and question how Apple might react to it. They touch on other public trends against Big Tech, including Elizabeth Warren's suggestion that Apple and other companies should be broken up.


 2019-03-14  37m