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A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

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Episode 549: A Crazy, Wild Place

Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s impressions of the new Bluesky network. They reflect on the lack of evolution in microblogging over ten years, as WordPress focused on “macroblogging” features like Gutenberg Blocks, and how’s marketing compares with other sites that emphasize blogging. Finally, they talk about Nostr and the loaded nature of “anti-censorship” platforms...



Episode 548: I’m the King of the World

Daniel updates Manton on his progress with Black Ink for iOS, and his decision to take the March 1 deadline to ship less seriously. They talk about the difficulty of tackling huge new features and how it can be dispiriting and disruptive to schedules...



Episode 547: An Unprincipled Decision

Manton and Daniel talk about the fallout from Austin’s ice storm and preparing rationally for unexpected emergencies. Manton gives an update on enabling Mastodon support for more users, the impending Twitter API shutdown, and whether Manton should pay Twitter to postpone an inevitable removal of Twitter integration from

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 2023-02-11  55m

Episode 546: What Do You Stand To Gain?

Daniel gives Manton an impromptu review of the new home page. They talk about striking a balance between coming across like a charming one-person company vs. a faceless corporation. Manton talks about open-sourcing the React-based version of, they talk about the benefits of doing so, and briefly discuss the GPL and MIT licenses.


 2023-01-28  n/a

Episode 545: Lawful Evil

Daniel quits Twitter! Manton and Daniel talk about how everybody has a “last straw” when they quit Twitter. They compare Manton’s frustrations with Twitter 10 years ago and the new problems with Elon Musk’s Twitter. Is Mastodon a viable alternative to Twitter, and how is Facebook evil different than Twitter evil? Then they think about what kind of leader would have to come in to potentially save Twitter in the way that Steve Jobs came back to Apple...


 2023-01-22  49m

Episode 544: A Bit Of A Conflict There

Manton talks to Daniel about the forthcoming re-design of’s home page. They discuss the marketing importance of home pages, comparing them to the “storefront” of an online business...


 2023-01-13  40m

Episode 543: A Meandering Path

For the first show of the new year, Daniel and Manton talk about themes vs. resolutions, follow up bug fix updates to the MarsEdit 5 release, and book goals in They reflect on the virtue of making things rather than merely consuming them, and Daniel’s lack of an enthusiastic desire to work on “just one app”...


 2023-01-07  32m

Episode 542: A Fire In The Castle

Manton and Daniel celebrate the apparent revitalization of blogging, a possible silver lining on cloud surrounding Twitter’s downfall. They talk about Matt Mullenweg’s recent podcast and public speaking appearances, and his general positivity about the future of blogging. They compare the virtue of owning your own domain name to owning your own home, and wonder whether awareness of this virtue will grow among the general public.



 2022-12-23  n/a

Episode 541: No Whammies, Big Money

Daniel and Manton talk about trying to get more serious about marketing. How do we actually measure the success of advertising campaigns, and should we aim to attract more “influencers” to our products? Manton tries to be conscious of wrapping up high-pressure work in time to take it easy for the holidays. Finally, Daniel gives an update on his continuing efforts to get MarsEdit 5 approved in the Mac App Store...


 2022-12-16  n/a

Episode 540: Moderately Blown Away

Manton talks to Daniel about releasing MarsEdit 5, his excitement aboutthe positive reactions, and his frustration about it not being approved by Mac App Store Review. They grapple with the uncertainty that app review opaqueness creates, and Daniel wonders if he could have done anything differently to make things go more smoothly. They talk about the mind-blowing impact of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and about the implications of machine learning on human creativity...


 2022-12-09  n/a