Core Intuition

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.



Episode 352: It Could Be Useful For People

Manton and Daniel respond to listener feedback about focusing more on marketing and self-promotion of our apps rather than ourselves, and compare the virtues of the two types of promotion. Daniel talks about his decision to do more public speaking, and promotional benefits of that. They talk about whether the lack of journalistic coverage of Mac software is contributing to marketing challenges. Finally, they talk about WordPress 5...



Episode 351: Here’s The Downside

Daniel and Manton talk about Panic's release of Transmit for the Mac App Store, and the gradual evolution of Apple's stance on sandboxing. Daniel talks about his dubious prioritization of quieting deprecation warnings. They both take stock of progress on MarsEdit 4 and around one year after their release. Finally, they muse about the relative profitability of certain software products and whether some apps are inherently bad ideas from a business point of view.



Episode 350: Inspired To Look At This

Manton reports back to Daniel about the first week after adding Mastodon integration to They talk about the merit and necessity of spending time marketing after all the coding work we do. Daniel talks about his recent struggle implementing support for Google's OAuth2, and finally they talk about Apple's new Hardened Runtime and the associated app notarization service Mac apps that are distributed outside the Mac App Store.



Episode 349: Too Ambitious And Crazy

Daniel catches Manton up on his experience at Swift by Northwest, and about his positive outlook on public speaking after participating in the show. They talk about accepting their role as the increasingly "old guard" in a community that is always gaining new developers. Manton announces Mastodon integration for and describes his unique approach to integrating without literally being a Mastodon instance...


 2018-10-31  1m

Episode 348: A Surprising Amount Of Success

Manton and Daniel check in on the eve of Daniel's Swift by Northwest speaking engagement. They talk about the challenge of biting off topics for speaking, articles, books, etc., that sound good but turn out to be harder to pull off than expected. Manton catches us up on the challenges of finding time to finish his newest features for, and the two talk each other down from stressing out too much about the relatively low-severity things they're worrying about.


 2018-10-19  1h1m

Episode 347: One Of Those Time Warps

Daniel and Manton talk about Daniel’s recent blogging series on Dark Mode. They encourage each other not to get too bogged down worrying about the impact of doing the work we want, whether that's blogging, developing software, or whatever. Daniel frets lightly about his upcoming talk, and they compare notes about coming up with a better strategy for both being prepared to give talks and ensuring you're giving them to the right audience...


 2018-10-12  47m

Episode 346: Doing The Best I Can

Manton and Daniel talk about coming to terms with the challenge of juggling too many things, making our indie businesses more efficient, and the tough question of how to cut projects and commitments that are stealing time from the main focus. THey also touch on the challenge of taking criticism for focusing on what you do well, while others wish you did something else...


 2018-10-06  1h7m

Episode 345: I Can Haz Blog?

macOS Mojave is out! Daniel an Manton talk about the ephemeral nature of App Store features, and the wisdom of not investing too much stock in being featured, or any other external recognition. They catch up on the state of the Mac App Store and wonder about the expected App Store versions of BBEdit and Transmit. Finally, they talk about their own continuing plans for supporting Mojave, particular with respect to Dark Mode.


 2018-09-29  44m

Episode 344: No Time For Betas

Manton and Daniel follow-up on their scrutiny of Apple's new Watch-based EKG feature, and try to evaluate whether the hype surrounding it is warranted or not. Manton reports back after finally installing iOS 12, and Daniel talks about putting the finishing touches on MarsEdit 4.2 in time for macOS Mojave's public release.


 2018-09-21  44m

Episode 343: I Am Now An Expert

Daniel and Manton react to Apple’s September 2018 event, announcing the Apple Watch Series 4 and new iPhones. They compare notes about appreciating the new products but feeling relatively unpressured to upgrade. Finally, they talk about the incentives for developers to adopt new OS features and aim to release updates to coincide with OS updates.


 2018-09-13  51m