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A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

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Episode 525: Another Litmus Test

Daniel and Manton talk about Manton’s decision to cancel his Blinksale account, after 16 years of service. They weigh the relative value of the thousands of dollars paid as a fraction of the overall business conducted. They talk about Stripe’s increasing dominance in the world of financial services, and how they even offer a comparable invoicing product as a built-in feature.



Episode 524: It Did Start To Bug Me

Manton tells Daniel more about his experience with Blinksale, how they raised his monthly fee to account for features that he didn’t receive. They talk about our collective tendency as customers to lose track of the amount we are paying for subscription services that raise their prices regularly over time. Daniel explains that he shipped MarsEdit 4...



Episode 523: A Secret Futurist

Daniel and Manton talk about plans for MarsEdit 5, requiring a later version of macOS, and even employing SwiftUI in the new version. When is it the right time to drop support for older OSes because of the lure of newer features? Then they talk about when a major upgrade is “paid upgrade-worthy” and which platforms Daniel should invest in for MarsEdit’s future.



Episode 522: I’m Sure You’re Happy

Manton and Daniel talk about the latest stage of FogBugz’s corporate ownership, the reaction among its few remaining users, and how happy Daniel is to have gotten out when he did. They ponder how important it is for any company to continually update their apps, as long as they continue to fulfill their primary purpose, and Manton makes a discovery about a long-time service he’d assumed was not receiving regular updates.



Episode 521: Some Dumb Mistake

Daniel and Manton react to Elon Musk’s attempt to back out of acquiring Twitter. They talk about whether Twitter should even try to force him to follow through, or whether that is ultimately worse for the company. Is Twitter still a diamond in the rough, and could a leader with vision and enthusiasm make the company more valuable than Musk’s offer?


 2022-07-15  n/a

Episode 520: Do Weird Things

Manton and Daniel talk about Panic’s Playdate game system, the audaciousness of building a novel hardware device, and whether or not “What Would Panic Do” should still apply to most of us. They celebrate the thrill and joy of pursuing “weird” ambitions when you want to. Finally, they talk about their own tendencies to work on multiple projects of personal interest, and how much they should strive to avoid spreading themselves too thin.



 2022-07-08  n/a

Episode 519: It’s A Gift

Daniel talks to Manton about his continuing work to transition MarsEdit away from legacy WebView, the difficulty of doing so, and the thrill of becoming a “tangential expert” in web development. They react to a small rift in the WordPress community involving Matt Mullenweg and Go Daddy, and compare thoughts on what obligations, if any, consumers of open source software have to the creators.


 2022-06-26  n/a

Episode 518: Rubbing Salt In The Wound

Manton asks Daniel about hints he’s dropped regarding an upcoming MarsEdit 5 release. Daniel talks about how another 5 years has crept up on him and that he now feels another update is overdue. They talk about embracing relatively old Apple frameworks that are nonetheless new to us, and focusing on shipping updates with features that add value, even if they don’t fulfill every “magical” nuance you hoped they might.


 2022-06-17  n/a

Episode 517: When You Have A Hammer

Daniel and Manton react to announcements at WWDC, and share pessimistic and optimistic takes about what the future of the in-person conference might be. Daniel celebrates the new WeatherKit API and its “generous” pricing, while Manton remains somewhat dismayed by Apple’s continued focus on earning money off of developers. Finally, they talk about Swift Charts as a possible blueprint for future SwiftUI frameworks, and Passkeys as the future of authentication on the web...


 2022-06-09  n/a

Episode 516: On A More Positive Note

Daniel and Manton talk about expectations for next week’s WWDC, the way the Apple Design Awards have changed over the years, WWDC’s Digital Lounges, and hopes for Xcode debugging improvements. Download Audio (MP3, 32 minutes)

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