Core Intuition

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

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Episode 392: A Very Strange Rollout

Daniel and Manton talk about the public release of macOS 10.15 Catalina, question the wisdom of Apple doing it without any warning, and wonder about why they might have done so. They talk about Manton's experience notarizing for Mac, and the importance of notarizing for all Mac developers. Finally, they react to the first crop of Catalyst apps on the Mac, and guess at whether the future of the Mac will be more like iOS, or something of a compromise.



Episode 391: Stuff Just Looming Over You

Daniel and Manton talk about Microsoft's special hardware event, and the new Surface tablets they announced. They compare Microsoft and Apple’s modern approach to multi-platform support. Manton considers adding Search ads for in the App Store, in an attempt to overcome shortcomings of App Store search results. Finally, they talk about Daniel's efforts to fix very long-standing bugs in FastScripts, and strategize a plan for getting Manton out of customer-support debt.



Episode 390: There’s A Communication Problem

Manton finds a workaround to his Sign in with Apple email problems! Daniel argues first that DTS should support pre-release software, and they discuss possible compromise approaches. Finally, they remark on Apple's vigorous marketing push, and the thrill of promoting products we are proud of.



Episode 389: It Feels Like A Big Release

Daniel orders an iPhone 11, while Manton decides to wait for the dust to settle. They touch on strategies for handing down, recycling or selling old phones. Manton prepares to ship an update for iOS 13 to support Dark Mode and Sign in With Apple. Finally, they talk about Apple Arcade’s apparently successful launch, and the subsequent risk to our personal productivity.



Episode 388: This One Dealbreaker Shortcoming

Manton and Daniel talk about Apple's September event, and weigh the allure of new iPhones and Watches. They examine the impact of Apple Arcade on game developers, and whether it foretells a future where Apple creates subscription bundles for other types of apps. Manton shares his experience of adding Dark Mode and Sign in With Apple support to, while Daniel prepares for macOS 10.15 Catalina.


 2019-09-14  55m

Episode 387: Write The Code And Ship It

Daniel talks to Manton about his decision to open source some Mac software, and making a conscious choice to publish it under the Red Sweater name. They talk about the balance of promoting onself vs. promoting one's company brand. Manton talks about two new features he's added to, and they discuss the fact that the size and impact of features are often unrelated to the amount of time and effort that goes into them.


 2019-09-08  45m

Episode 386: Just Say The Word Privacy

Manton and Daniel review Apple's updated policies on Siri "grading", how they reflect Apple's values, and the extent to which Tim Cook's personal reputation is on the line. They compare the policies to other companies including Amazon and Faceboo. Daniel catches us up on his further impressions of Amazon's Echo and laments the absence in Apple's product lineup of a "just throw it in your bag" sized HomePod-style speaker.


 2019-09-02  52m

Episode 385: Have Some Faith In Myself

Danel talks to Manton about his reflections on the merit of seeking to "revolutionize" something with a software product, vs. simply trying to "make a nice thing." They discuss the relatively revolutionary ambition of, and the sometimes non-revolutionary game of catch-up that Daniel plays with MarsEdit...


 2019-08-24  45m

Episode 384: A Much Bigger Megaphone

Manton and Daniel react to news that Automattic is acquiring Tumblr. They talk about the potential pros and cons for Tumblr and Automattic, as well as for and MarsEdit. They talk about Matt Mullenweg's optimism about the future of the open web, and the turning tide back towards blogging. Finally, they wonder whether Tumblr will have as much of an impact on Automattic as Automattic has on it.


 2019-08-15  45m

Episode 383: Working For The Weekend

Daniel catches Manton up on his ongoing VoiceOver challenges with Black Ink 2. Manton encourages him to balance perfectionism with the virtue of getting the update out and “showing his work.” They respond to more follow-up about Manton’s changes to's onboarding process, and Manton reports on the impact of the chagnes on his business...


 2019-08-09  1h6m