Core Intuition

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

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Episode 446: It’s A Fresh Start

Manton and Daniel kick off the new year after taking some time off. Daniel talks about giving himself permission to work on wrapping up loose ends with his own various apps while waiting for the next big inspiration. Manton talks about doing new work with Jon Hays and taking the foot off the pedal slightly with over the holidays...



Episode 445: I Need Validation

Daniel and Manton take stock of Apple’s 2020 “Apps of the Year”, and question what the criteria for winning might actually be. Then they talk about Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack, and weigh the odds of any company being able to thrive after being acquired. Download Audio (MP3, 34 minutes)

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 2020-12-09  n/a

Episode 444: Say You Like The Peanut Butter

Manton and Daniel talk about the rumors of newly designed Macs coming next year, and compare notes on our regrets or satisfaction with having purchased Intel-based MacBook Pros recently. They also talk about Apple’s PR blitz in the aftermath of announcing 15% App Store commissions for “small businesses.”


 2020-11-26  n/a

Episode 443: A Reboot of Macs

Daniel and Manton talk about Apple’s newly-announced Small Business program, promising to halve the amount of commission Apple takes from App Store sales. They celebrate the instant raise this will give to many developers, but question whether it alters the overall proposition for folks who have a choice of whether to sell inside or outside the App Store. Finally, they talk about the newly-released M1-based Macs and how they appear to be a resounding success.



 2020-11-22  n/a

Episode 442: A Huge Thing

Manton and Daniel talk about Apple’s announcement of three new Macs, all based on a new ARM-based Apple chip called the M1. Download Audio (MP3, 38 minutes)

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  • Apple Event – The video featuring the unveiling of Apple’s first ARM-based Macs...


 2020-11-13  n/a

Episode 441: I Need Shorter Days

Daniel checks in with Manton, who is making an effort to take some time off from working so hard. They veer into a discussion weighing the merits of fixing little nitpicky bugs vs. adding meaningful features. They discuss the debate sparked by Sketch about native desktop apps vs. web apps, and Daniel concedes some of the advantages of web development.


 2020-10-31  n/a

Episode 440: It Was The Wrong Decision

Manton and Daniel check in about whether either of them will be ordering an iPhone 12. They riff a bit about the value of not getting stuck in their own ways, and trying new things. Finally, they dream of an App Store with features that allow downgrades and other user-centric controls. Download Audio (MP3, 27 minutes)

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 2020-10-24  n/a

Episode 439: Everybody Gather ‘Round

Daniel and Manton react to the latest pre-recorded Apple “event”, and remark on the difficulty of making them feel authentic. They react to the latest announced iPhones and HomePod mini, and whether they have any purchase plans. Download Audio (MP3, 32 minutes)

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 2020-10-16  n/a

Episode 438: Funny Story

Manton and Daniel talk about a turn of events that Daniel has been waiting 20 years for, as he crosses fingers that it will actually pan out, and Manton gives a surprising update on the subject of his interest in Android development.


 2020-10-10  34m

Episode 437: It Does Not Work That Way

Daniel and Manton run down the giant list of new features in and reflect on their utility.


 2020-10-04  32m