Core Intuition

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.



Episode 360: That’s Not Really The Business

Manton and Daniel react to MacRumors's discovery that WWDC will likely be held on June 3. They talk about the increasing price of hotels in San Jose, some options for more affordable accommodations. and the impact of high cost on the diversity of attendance. Manton prepares for IndieWebCamp Austin, while Daniel comes to term with the possibility of dropping support for Blogger, and thinking about ways to expand the appeal of MarsEdit.



Episode 359: Quote-unquote Free

Daniel returns from Paris and Manton shares his plans for WWDC 2019 accommodations. They talk about Spotify's acquisition of Gimlet and Anchor, and the possible implications for the diversity of podcasting ecosystem. Finally, they react to Angela Ahrendt's departure from Apple, and what it means for the future of Apple Stores.



Episode 358: Accidental Dark Mode

Manton finishes Dark Mode support for the Mac app. He and Daniel discuss the merits of supporting bleeding edge features, and the difficulty in gauging demand for features that people want but are not complaining about. They speculate about when Dark Mode will come to iOS, talk about the Release Notes conference coming to Mexico, and Daniel's last-minute preparation for dotSwift in Paris.



Episode 357: It Was Actually Kinda Fun

Manton's premature release of for Mac with Dark Mode enabled release spurs him to work on an official update that supports it. Duck Duck Go announces they are now using MapKit JS for their maps, reminding us that Apple offers a web-based mapping service. Finally, Daniel and Manton start to look forward to WWDC 2019 and the greatness that may await.



Episode 356: Reach For The Stars

Manton and Daniel talk briefly about Apple's revenue shortfall, and then more extensively about Apple's announced deals with Samsung and other television makers to bundle iTunes and AirPlay 2 functionality. They talk about the company's shift towards being a media conglomerate and how their so-called core values will be reflected in that area...


 2019-01-10  45m

Episode 355: Stupidly Confident

Daniel and Manton greet the New Year with a vague sense of optimism, as Daniel moves closer to serious iOS development, and Manton remains confident and focused on They talk about finding a balance between optimistic enthusiasm and realism about chance of failure. Finally, Daniel talks about his shifting plans for Black Ink 2 and the possibility of co-launching it with an iOS version.


 2019-01-05  56m

Episode 354: Undeveloped Piece Of Land

Manton and Daniel discuss the expansion plans of Amazon, Apple, and Google, as they add office space in cities around the United States. Following up on last week's rundown of Riverfold Software's product lineup, Manton takes Daniel on a talk-through of his current lineup of apps.


 2018-12-22  59m

Episode 353: It Had A Lot Of Potential

Daniel regales Manton with tales of his latest "waste of time," as he spends days trying to put the finishing touches on a FastScripts feature 12 years in the making. They talk about the balance time invested in actual development vs. fighting to get code working in the context of a closed system. Manton explains his decision to shut down his Tweet Marker service, and Daniel asks Manton to reflect on the many indie software products that Manton has developed in the past.


 2018-12-14  56m

Episode 352: It Could Be Useful For People

Manton and Daniel respond to listener feedback about focusing more on marketing and self-promotion of our apps rather than ourselves, and compare the virtues of the two types of promotion. Daniel talks about his decision to do more public speaking, and promotional benefits of that. They talk about whether the lack of journalistic coverage of Mac software is contributing to marketing challenges. Finally, they talk about WordPress 5...


 2018-12-09  54m

Episode 351: Here’s The Downside

Daniel and Manton talk about Panic's release of Transmit for the Mac App Store, and the gradual evolution of Apple's stance on sandboxing. Daniel talks about his dubious prioritization of quieting deprecation warnings. They both take stock of progress on MarsEdit 4 and around one year after their release. Finally, they muse about the relative profitability of certain software products and whether some apps are inherently bad ideas from a business point of view.


 2018-11-23  55m