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episode 58: The Birth of Unix with Brian Kernighan

As Brian Kernighan said “UNIX since the start has become a vehicle for creating and using programming languages.” Brian initiated work on what would become the UNIX system. He helped develop it to run on a minicomputer and would eventually be...



episode 57: To The Assembly

How do CPUs work? How do compilers work? How does high-level code get translated into machine code? Today's guest is Matt Godbolt and he knows the answers to these questions. How he became an expert in bare metal programming is an interesting story....


 2020-10-01  41m

episode 56: Memento Mori

Preparing our minds for the inevitable - death is pressing. After facing terminal cancer, Kate Gregory reminded herself that this event can still become inspiring by focusing on the positive. In this episode, Kate is going to share her success and...


 2020-09-01  40m

episode 55: Teaching FP With Richard Feldman

When we just throw things when we teach, we do not get as much feedback. Explaining a deeper WHY can make it far more effective and engaging. In this episode, Richard Feldman delves into Elm, his approach, and what makes teaching Elm as a Functional...


 2020-08-03  46m

episode 54: Software That Doesn't Suck With Jim Blandy

Building Subversion Software is just the tool and it should get out of your way. In this episode, we will discuss Jim Blandy’s insights on how to build and recognize improvements for a great developer tool and find out how he approached the...


 2020-07-01  37m

episode 53: Unproven Tech Case Study with Sean Allen

Choosing The Right Tool For the Job Choosing the right programming language or framework for a project can be key to the success of the project. In today’s episode, Sean Allen Sean shares a story of picking the right tool for a job. The tool he ends...


 2020-06-10  39m

Krystal's Story

Chasing Your Curiosity and Continuous Learning Things are easier to learn when you are passionate about something. A lot of great careers are built on curiosity and obsession including Krystal Maughan our guest for today's episode. Krystal will share...


 2020-05-18  40m

episode 51: Bruce Tate on Language Learning

There’s joy that can be found in language learning and pain as well. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are still some things you can only discover by picking up a new language.  Bruce Tate will tell us how learning new languages...


 2020-05-06  35m

episode 50: Sam Ritchie on Portal Abstractions

Buckle up, on today’s episode Adam interviews Sam about how the abstract algebra and probabilistic data structures helped solve fast versus big data issues that many are struggling with. Sam Ritchie is a machine learning researcher and a...


 2020-04-17  35m

episode 49: Loving Legacy Code with Jonathan Boccara

Legacy code is everywhere. I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't have to deal with legacy code in the substantial portion of his work. Our guest, Jonathan Boccara is a French C++ developer and the author of The Legacy Code Programmer's Toolbox. In...


 2020-04-03  24m