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The stories and people behind the code. Hear stories of software development from interesting people.

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episode 99: Story: Code, Kickflips and Crunch Time - Mick West's Neversoft Journey

Meet Mick West, whose career began in an unusual office setup — sandwiched between a kebab shop and a phone sex hotline. From there he worked all over Manchester, making computer games for Tiertex and Ocean.    Career opportunies brought...



episode 98: Story: Leaving LinkedIn - Choosing Engineering Excellence Over Expediency

What if your dedication to doing things right clashed with your company’s fast pace? Chris Krycho faced this very question at LinkedIn. His journey was marked by challenges: from the nuances of remote work to the struggle of influencing company...


 March 4, 2024  47m

episode 97: Story: Beautiful Code - Inside Greg Wilson's Vision for Software Design

Greg Wilson has been on a decades-long quest to transform how we teach and talk about software design. From getting rejections for using the term “beautiful code,” to empowering scientists through workshops on Python and Unix, Greg has pushed to...


 February 2, 2024  57m

episode 96: Story - Code as a Lifeline: Brain Injury Sparks Python Mastery

What if your dreams were suddenly ripped away? What if your talents vanished, your passions erased? That's what happened to Jason McDonald when a traumatic brain injury at 16 ravaged his planned destiny of becoming a doctor. Jason painfully rebuilt...


 January 2, 2024  44m

episode 95: Story - From 486 to Vue.js: Evan You's Full-Time Gamble on Open Source

From the early days of exploring creative possibilities on a 486 computer in his childhood to developing one of today's most popular web frameworks, Evan You's journey is a tale of passion and innovation.    Evan started Vue.js while working...


 December 4, 2023  46m

episode 94: Story: Platform Takes The Pain

How did Spotify scale from 10 engineers to 100s to 1000s ...without slowing down? Without becoming corporate?  Facing an IPO deadline, Pia Nilsson worked with 300 teams to transform how Spotify built software. She spearheaded a movement that led...


 November 2, 2023  48m

episode 93: Story: Sloot Digital Coding System

Lost treasure. Conspiracy theories. Impossible tech demos.  Jan Sloot claimed to have invented revolutionary data compression that could fit a full movie into a tiny smart card chip. Top executives and investors witnessed his demos and became...


 October 2, 2023  51m

episode 92: Story: Configuring Identity: Adam Jacob and the Search for Self in Software

Today, we go behind the scenes at Chef - the game changing infrastructure automation tool. Adam Jacob created Chef, and it became a massively popular DevOps tool. But despite Chef's success, Adam constantly battled self-doubt and finding his footing...


 September 1, 2023  42m

episode 91: The Science of Learning to Code

Learning to code can feel impossible. Like facing a sheer rock wall with no ropes or harnesses. But what if there was a path up the mountain? A trail blazed smooth by master coders who went before?  In this episode, we'll follow that path. We'll...


 August 2, 2023  50m

episode 90: Story: A Dark Room

 Have you ever been frustrated with your job? Maybe not burnt out, but getting close to there? You used to love what you did, and it felt so creative and empowering, but then it starts to feel a bit more cookie cutter. Have you ever been...


 July 3, 2023  40m