Corpses & Curios: A (mostly) GURPS podcast

"Destiny has two ways of crushing us - by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them." - - Henri Frederic Amiel, Swiss Philosopher Thank you for visiting! Salutations! Welcome to Corpses and Curios! We are a Modern Horror campaign set in today’s distracted world. A world where the lifeblood of our daily benign existence betrays the septicemia which may end us all. Utilizing a mix of the 4th and 3rd editions of the wonderfully designed GURPS system by Steve Jackson Games - we strive to provide a story-driven focus as five unique individuals are drawn together by machinations beyond their control, but directly affecting their everyday lives. Welcome to our little shop. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite libation, tune out the rest of the world, and allow us to entertain you. We are a horror campaign, and sometimes we find ourselves dealing with sensitive subject matter. We always try to present such material as vital to plot, and never for the simple purpose of attempting to be “edgy.” Some characters have experienced past trauma which comes into play...

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episode 35: O Sol (Sn. 1 Ep. 35)

Season 1 Episode 35



episode 34: What A Long Strange Trip (Sn. 1 Ep. 34)

Season 1 Episode 34



episode 33: Last Night in Town (Sn. 1 Ep. 33)

Season 1 Episode 33


 2019-11-01  1h11m

episode 32: Three Hundred Sixty-Five Degrees (Sn. 1 Ep. 32)

Season 1 Episode 32


 2019-10-15  45m

episode 31: A Fungus Among Us (Sn. 1 Ep. 31)

Season 1 Episode 31


 2019-10-01  49m

episode 2: C&C Presents: Pasión de las Pasiones: La Traición

Part 1: Episode 1 of 2 - La Traición


 2019-09-30  1h0m

episode 1: C&C Presents: Pasión de las Pasiones: La Familia

Part 1: Episode 1 of 2 - La familia


 2019-09-26  1h13m

episode 30: Family Secrets (Sn. 1 Ep. 30)

Season 1 Episode 30


 2019-09-15  52m

episode 29: Dollar Store John Wick ( Sn. 1 Ep. 29)

Season 1 Episode 29


 2019-09-01  55m

episode 28: Ghosts Exist (Sn 1. Ep. 28)

Season 1 Episode 28


 2019-08-15  40m